What Motherhood Looks Like

Jul 24, 2012

At EVO, Kim Orlandini snapped a now beloved photo of me with my oldest son.

It is swoontastic.

As I said in the post, it just encompasses my definition of motherhood.


I asked The R House Facebook Community to share a photo with me (us!) that evokes similar feelings for them.

What I got was pure beauty.

Adoptive mothers.

Single mothers.

Birth mothers.


Placement day photos.

A daughter attending her birth mother’s wedding.

Moms swooning over a moment they captured of their man being Dad.

Pure. Beauty.

The amazing thing is that you can’t tell who is who unless you know their story personally. There’s a deeper meaning in that, I think.

Different kinds of mom, but moms all the same.




  1. LOVE it!!

  2. Such emotion absolutely beautiful photos!! So glad they shared!!

  3. Thanks so much for including our picture!

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