Wendy’s "Treat It Forward"

do you love wendy’s and adoption?
then this post is the perfect match for you!

find out how you can help raise $1.7 million for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption by enjoying a frosty this weekend or by getting on twitter, 4 square, facebook or by sending an e-card by watching the little video below.

This Father’s Day Weekend, June 19th – 20th, buy any Frosty at Wendy’s and they’ll donate 50¢ to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Help spread the word about Father’s Day Frosty Weekend through social media and Wendy’s will donate an extra 50¢ every time you ‘Treat it Forward’. Money raised goes toward finding permanent loving homes for children in foster care. You can send a virtual Frosty, post info about the program to your wall, Tweet it forward, or send a Frosty Father’s Day e-card. You can also check into a Wendy’s during Father’s Day weekend on Foursquare and Wendy’s will donate 50¢ as well.

let me help you. just copy and paste the following:

twitter: tweeps! spread the word & RT: @Wendys giving 50¢ 2 Dave Thms Fndation 4 #Adoption w/ every tweet #TreatItForward http://tinyurl.com/25cnljz

facebook: i love frosty’s and i love adoption! so happy to treat it forward. http://apps.facebook.com/treatitforward/

(make sure that you “like” frosty on facebook before you post this on your wall. go HERE to “like” frosty. then, when you are typing “wendy’s” type an @ sign before it and it will pull up “frosty” for you to tag. i get asked how to do this all the time.)

also, the r house couture will send you a pair of earrings if you can find the embed code for my favorite wendy’s spot about frosty’s father day weekend. (i spent a good hour looking for it this morning.) it’s the one with the transracial family sitting down for a frosty and says, “the best frosty is the first one you share with your adoptive family.” adoption. foster care. transracial. we loved it here at the r house. i need it. like i said, i will openly reward you for it!

now, time for a frosty, everyone!