The YP App Saves Date Night


At The R House we believe in date night (in some form) every week.

It keeps us close to each other, reminds us why we are in love, gives us a break from parenting (which the boys may enjoy more than we do!) …and mostly, it’s just fun! Mr. R is hilarious.

Unless we have something special and specific planned, date night usually starts like this:

“Where do you want to go to dinner tonight?”

“There’s that new Mexican place that so-and-so was telling me about.”

“Nah …I am not really in the mood for Mexican food.”


“I had a burger for lunch.”

Sound familiar? I thought so.

This is where YP app saves date night.

YP Home Screen

The YP app has menu-item search capability. That’s right, there’s an app for helping you decide which specific food OR genre of food you are craving. It’s like heaven …especially if you are married to a food snob.

YP Date Night Help Collage
YP Pad Thai
Let’s say I am craving pad thai.

1. I go to the app home screen and press “Help me find a restaurant”.

2. I click on “pad thai” and it gives me all the locations that are closest to me with reviews, ratings, pricing, photos, etc.

Taste of Thai has great pad thai. It’s actually one of my favorite little thai food secrets. When we were last there, I snapped this photo of my husband having the tom kha gai soup–which is served in this crazy dish with flames (that sadly you can’t see) coming out of the top.

We love the food but every time I go, I always wish they had fountain drinks. So, I just pull out the YP app, load my pic, give my feedback about the soup and the drinks and pay it forward to someone else whose date night may be saving.

Actually, most of my reviews on YP include a commentary on the Diet Coke situation for all my fellow DC lovers out there.


Of course it’s not just for date nights. Obviously.


Did your kids shock you with amazing behavior while you were back-to-school shopping and deserve a little treat? (Which really means you survived and deserve a little treat.) Search “donuts” and see which is closest to your current location. See my review of Daylight Donuts in Sandy. (Such nice owners!)



Did your sister-in-law spontaneously decide to move to another state and you are going to miss her dearly? Need a place to go before you take her to the airport as one last meal together? Search for restaurants on your way to the airport! See my review of Cafe Rio in West Valley. (A family fave!)


Another cool feature? It tells you who has the cheapest place to purchase gasoline based on your current location. Brilliant!


Thank you to YP for being a sponsor. Check out the latest YP app or to find food nearby fast! YP is your local companion for making decisions on everything from where to eat to where to find cheap gas. This post is in conjunction with my relationship with the Clever Girls Collective, and all opinions expressed here are my own. #YPcrave