The truth about birth moms from birth moms

Being part of a community that chooses to see adoption in a positive light has brought so many amazing people into my life.

While I believe and understand and have experienced that adoption is rooted in loss, I know that joy can still be found for all members of the adoption triad. In the words of the great philosopher Katy Perry, “Now I’m floating like a butterfly. Stinging like a bee I earned my stripes. I went from zero, to my own hero.


It’s as if Ms. Perry wrote this song especially for our community. Thanks, Kate! (We’re on a nickname basis, obvs.)

Two ladies that I loved listening to “ROAR” are Haley (below left) from Adoption: Share the Love and Ashley (below right) from Blessings In a Basket.

Birth Mothers Redefining the Stereotype

They are wonderful champions of empowering women; I love their work. They’ve recently started a new series called, “Redefining the Stereotype: The truth about birth moms from birth moms”.

I asked these power houses why they were moved to create this new collaborative project and was once again touched by their words.

Ashley and I decided to come together and create a project surrounding the stereotypes that are often placed on Birth Parents. We feel as though we are somewhat out of the “norm” when it comes to Birth Parents and we can be very blunt and honest with our emotions and opinions while still respecting the completely selfless choice that a Birth Parent makes. We believe that this blunt honesty combined with our love for adoption can truly change the way so many view Birth Parents and what they go through. We hope that this video series will allow people ask the tough questions and allow us to share our opinions and open their minds to a new perspective.”

-Hayley Kirkpatrick, Adoption: Share the Love


As a birth mom I felt that I had to always fight against society and the way that I was viewed because of my actions and my decision to place a child for adoption. Through my journey I have had the great honor of meeting others, who like myself believe in life after placement. I knew that there was a better way of living and I knew that I was not what society pegged me to be. Haley and I have so many similarities in our vision and perspective about adoption. We have a great deal of love and passion, but with that we are open and honest. We are not afraid to talk about the uncomfortable topics and we are straight forward. We realize that we are not the “typical” birth mom that society has given the spotlight to, we believe we have a great deal of experience and we are here to educate, discuss and shake up the way that the world views adoption and birth moms. We are redefining the stereotype and we hope that in the process we can encourage others to step up and be bigger, better, stronger than what we get credit for!

-Ashley Mitchell, BIB Founder


With that in mind, let me introduce you to the first episode of their new project where they answer the question, “Why did you give up your child for adoption? Is it because you don’t WANT the child?” Listen to their answers in the video below.


Thank you Ashley and Haley! Thank you for your voice!




  1. Allison says

    You can’t hear the sound on their video at the bottom :( I wanted to hear it. Is there something I am not doing right? I heard Katy’s song just fine.

  2. cate says

    Disappointing. I didn’t feel they answered the question at all.

    Hopefully, the older one’s child never sees or read what she says on the video or page.