The Open Adoption Project

Open adoption is a subject that I think baffles a lot of people.

It, however, is one of my favorite things to talk about.

In a series of mini-videos, my youngest son’s birth mother, Joniece and I hope to share with you what open adoption can look like.

We will be talking about everything from what makes our relationship work to things that we’ve tried that didn’t work to jealousy to regret. We hope that you will join us this week as the mini-videos post!


How do you make your open adoption work?


You can view all the posts in this project by following the Open Adoption Project tag or by checking out The R House’s YouTube Channel–just look for the yellow and white background.

We also hope that you will share your experiences in the comments. We’d love to hear what makes YOUR open adoption work.




  1. K says

    I’m so excited for this! I’ll admit though, I am a little apprehensive because I worry it’ll look too easy. You guys have a great relationship and not everyone does. Not every amom/bmom relationship ever will get to the point you guys are at. Adoption envy!
    We have adopted 2 kids and the 2 relationships with their birth mothers is drastically different. One is like what you 2 have, and the other, as much as I want it to be, I don’t think will ever be close to that. Breaks my heart, but with such conflicting personalities and unrealistic expectations, it’s unpredictable.

  2. says

    Cant wait to see more of the upcoming videos! We just found out that we are going to be placed with a boy on 7/31/12 and are excited. We look forward to the future relationship with his birth mother. I hope these videos will show how it can be! Thank you…

  3. Brianna says

    Okay, so we have an open adoption…and we’ve loved it. But recently, a lot has changed and it is so hard! Our daughter’s birth mom is pulling away, and it is understandable. She is now married and just had a little baby…I guess it is hard for us because we didn’t think that would happen until a bit later. We moved so we no longer have visits often, and I feel like she is pulling away from us so much. She won’t respond to emails, says she isn’t getting our texts, and so sometimes, our only contact is a response on facebook. What can I do to keep initiating things? Or do I need to calm down and give her a break?