The Open Adoption Project | How do you feel about closed adoption?

The Open Adoption Project is a project my youngest son’s birth mother and I put together while she was visiting several months ago.

We asked The R House Facebook Community if they had any questions for a birth mother and the adoptive mother she placed with in an open adoption …and then we sat down in front of the camera and answered them candidly.


How do you feel about closed adoption?

You can view all the posts in this project by following the Open Adoption Project tag or by checking out The R House’s YouTube Channel–just look for the yellow and white background.


Other questions we have answered:

What was going through your mind on placement day?

Do you ever feel that you “owe” her?

How do you make your open adoption work?

What is your biggest compromise in your open adoption?

Do you get jealous of one another in your open adoption?

Are you completely satisfied with your open adoption?

Did anyone try to talk you out of placing your child for adoption?

Why did you place your baby for adoption?

Open Adoption Giggles–Out takes!


We also hope that you will share your experiences in the comments. How do you feel about closed adoption?




  1. says

    I always wanted to adopt. My Dad is an Orphan (In France). He was 3 and is brother 5. They never got adopted because they were waiting on their Mom to come back. Never happened. I am very protective of my kids and i would have a hard time with open adoption. I think it depends on the parent too. If they are huge messes and using drugs…
    Very interesting and you made me think.
    I saw you at the Blogger’s night out, hope we can say hello next time.

  2. Rachel Rosado says

    Hi Lindsey..
    Love your birth moms. Love your blog! Is there still a lot of negitivity surrounding adoption? How do you deal with some of it? Also, do you feel Utah has a more positive view in comparision to other states?

  3. says

    I think it can depend on the situation. For instance, a boy I know… it is not really the greatest for him to be around his dad consistently because of the problems that his dad has. His adopted dad is great though and has been very upfront with this boy about the situation. So I don’t know if you call that completely closed either? Either way, adoption is great, what an awesome way to change a life!