The Open Adoption Project | Are you satisfied with your adoption?

I had a privilege to talk openly and candidly with my youngest son’s birth mother about our open adoption relationship.

We sat down together and answered questions posed by The R House readers. I will always cherish what we discussed.


What is your favorite part of your open adoption?

Are you completely satisfied with your open adoption?


You can view all the posts in this project by following the Open Adoption Project tag or by checking out The R House’s YouTube Channel–just look for the yellow and white background.

We also hope that you will share your experiences in the comments. We’d love to hear about what your favorite part of your open adoption is and if you are totally satisfied with your open adoption? What would you change about your adoption?



    • Lindsey says

      Joniece is the best! So easy to love. :)

      ALSO, GRRRRREAT (read like Tony the Tiger) to lunch with you yesterday. I adore you.


  1. says

    Can I just say I love these clips. I love them. This is how INCREDIBLE and OPEN adoption can be! You guys are great examples. THANKS for sharing!!

  2. Doré says

    This is so sweet. Makes me a little jealous because I wish I could have this type of relationship with my daughter’s birthmom. I have tried and tried and tried. Unfortunately, she uses manipulation and threats in relationships because she has never been taught different. I will never stop trying though for my daughter’s sake. You two are great examples of how awesome it can be.

  3. Jill Kirk says

    I love that you advocate for open adoption and that you have an open adoption and share the beauty of it. We too push for open adoptions and wish one of our birthmom’s would be more open with us, but the other is willing to have visits and be a part of our life and we are so thankful. It’s such a necessary part for our children’s healing and it’s a beautiful blessing for all of us involved, I believe!! People just don’t understand it unless they are a part of it. When I think of the direction and inspiration God gives each of us (birthmoms and adoptive couple) through the process to make a family happen it never ceases to amaze me. So glad I get to be involved in the miracle of adoption.