The Hip Hop Dance Experience

Feb 15, 2013


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Here at The R House we like the night life. We like to boogie.

Okay. that’s a lie–we actually don’t like the night life but we do love to boogie.

Most of said boogieing happens in our kitchen although Mr. R is somewhat famous (infamous?) for his moves at his siblings’ weddings.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

I, on the otherhand, do not have such wonderful moves being possibly the least coordinated person that you know. I did, however, give a wonderful tutorial on How to Dance Like a Mom in case you were looking for one.

I need all the boogie practice I can get which is why our family has been loving Hip Hop Dance Experience. Oh. My. Word.

There are three levels of dancing, but I doubt that these two left feet will ever get off of “Newbie” and I am fine with that.

It has great music too– everything from Sugar Hill Gang to Chris Brown.

If you are playing with your kids, you’ll want to monitor the songs that they are dancing to (it is rated “T”), but as long as you approve the song and the avatar you are watching (some are scantily clad), it’s really fun to play with your kids.

Tyson enjoying Hip Hop Dance Experience.
Josh enjoying Hip Hop Dance Experience.

If I were to tell you there is video of dancing by the least coordinated person you know (me), you'd want to know about it, right? On the blog today. (Link on profile.) #UbiHipHop #spon

We found it to be a complete blast, hilarious and you totally work up a sweat. (I hate to admit that I was sore after my first day playing.)

Check it out, people. I can hardly wait for our siblings to come over this weekend and play with us. SO FUN.

Purchase Hip Hop Dance Experience here.






  1. you guys are so fun! Love the videos!

  2. Dying over that video of your hubby!! That is awesome!! The game looks like so much fun.

  3. You guys rock my freakin’ world.

  4. Omg!! Y’all are awesome! Btw did Tyson say in the BEGINNING ‘you stink’? LOL

  5. Please, you rocked it. The video of Josh.. dying over here!

  6. Whatever I saw some pretty awesome moves in your video!!!

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