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What are Matching Mondays?

Just about every Monday, I feature children who are waiting to be adopted through the foster care program. Each child has been approved by the heart galleries that host them to appear on my blog. Not every heart gallery from every state has given us permission to post their waiting children (some we can only link to, some we can use photos and some change their minds constantly about whether or not we are allowed to help in their outreach efforts) …we are working on that. Brenda of Another Small Adventure really does all the work on this. She knows foster care waaay better than I do and I am grateful for all her help.


Adoption Photolisting | Adopt Available Children


Cameron, age 13 from Utah.

This kiddo is all about exploring and sports. Click on his name to read more about him in his profile. I especially love that it says he’s looking for an “active” family. Maybe yours! 



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    Hey, I was just notified that for work I will be attending the Utah Adoption Council Conf. in March. I was looking through the presenters and noticed your cute husband is one of them! I can’t wait to attend his session! (After reading your blog I feel like I’m meeting a celebrity:) Any chance you’re attending with him? If so, I’d love to meet you, so don’t be afraid if some crazy lady comes up to you and wants to chat. It’s just me, and I’m not dangerous.