Small Victories for Team Mom

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Thank you to P&G and Kroger stores for celebrating “Team Mom’s Everyday Victories”! Please visit the P&G’s event page to play games, win money off your next Kroger trip and more fun!


Being a survivor of infertility and various types of adoption craziness, I have learned to celebrate victories–even the small, everyday ones.

And you know what happens when you start celebrating all the “small victories”? Suddenly they don’t seem so small. The “little things” start to become the main event.

One night a few weeks ago, I herded two very, very energetic little boys into my room for some calm-down (I was hopeful!) reading time together. It had been an especially *ahem* energetic day. Survival of that day alone was a victory!

But, the sweetness increased as I read a book aloud to them–their jaws hanging open, listening to every word I said.

And then the real victory happened: My newly-turned 5-year-old grabbed a book from the set I had been trying to get him interested in for weeks and just started reading it. He read his first book! WHAT?! All the pre-school homework and studying of word families paid off!


And like every mom knows, when your kid beams so do you!

So we beamed together and I snapped these photos of him in complete disbelief and joy.

Little brother was in on the celebration too. Look at him cheering on his big bro.

My cup runneth over …even on the energetic days.

So here’s a big shout out to all you moms out there who survive those energetic days, who read aloud to your kids even though they are tired, who help with homework, who take your child’s education seriously, who take the time to listen to your kids read, who make a difference.

Way to go Team Mom!



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Full Disclosure: I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.