Why we chose open adoption | Open Adoption Video Series by Owen Kent

Open Adoption Series, The Redferns

Over the last year I’ve had the privilege of working with Owen Kent. He is quite possibly one of the kindest and most gifted artists that I’ve been able to collaborate with. Owen is a cinematographer with a passion for thoughtful and powerful storytelling…especially adoption storytelling. It truly is his gift. For his senior project at BYU-Idaho, Owen created… [Read More]

What makes a child “yours” or “mine” in adoption?

Adoption Finalization in Court | The R House

A couple of weeks ago, we finalized Norah’s adoption in court. This makes her legally a Redfern. It was a beautiful day that we shared with family, dear friends, and Norah’s biological family. They all joined us in the courtroom and then we shared a fancy lunch together at The Grand America and took photos…. [Read More]

Photos and the Adoption Profile


This fall we had a Funbooth session with Lindsay Ross. These sessions are low-stress, all black and white (no matching clothes required–if you’re into that), and super speedy. Translation: These sessions are perfect for families with small children. The photos were candid, real, and hilariously our family. I love them all. After she sent me the images, I… [Read More]

A reminder to keep your open adoption promises.

  Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Ken Garff Honda of Orem. I was compensated for it, but the opinions expressed are all my own. I love these guys so much. In fact, just mention my blog and it will get you $500 off any car purchase (new, used, trade in, lease, etc.) at Ken… [Read More]

The Open Adoption Project | Describe an awkward moment during a visit

Picture 26

The Open Adoption Project is a project my youngest son’s birth mother and I put together while she was visiting several months ago. We asked The R House Facebook Community if they had any questions for a birth mother and the adoptive mother she placed with in an open adoption …and then we sat down… [Read More]