A reminder to keep your open adoption promises.


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I just got back from the post office.

I mailed a little update package of photos, letters and drawings to each of my kids’ birth moms. It’s one of my favorite things to do. With life getting busier and busier as the kids get older, I have to get creative on where and when I put these packages together.

My latest workspace is in the minivan over the center console between the front seats. Turns out it’s the perfect place to hand-write a letter, label some photos and put together a little craft during football and t-ball practices.

Open adoption

Yes, life with little ones is busy, but we should seriously reexamine our schedules if we are too busy to keep our open adoption promises–even if it’s taking a few minutes to text some photos, make a little video or send an update email.

My challenge to all you adoptive parents out there is to take a minute or two and send an update of some kind today! It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be there.



Our Baby’s Room

I love our baby’s room.

It’s bright and cheerful…

Jackson's Room

Jackson's Room

And meaningful.

Every piece of artwork and furniture has a story.

Jackson's Room
This is the rocking chair I found on the side of the road. Mr. R and I worked together to refinish it. He gave me the monogrammed cushion for Christmas last year.

That painting on the wall was done by my grandmother. She was an artistic soul. I miss her.

That fun little ribbon and book page garland I found at a boutique booth with Jackson’s birth mom. We were both enchanted by it and how it was accomplished.

It’s my favorite little nook in our house. Before I broke my arm, Jackson and I would sneak away for an hour or so just to rock-a-bye and sing and have a little quiet time. (Rocking is not comfortable for either one of us with this cast on!)

Jack's room.
This branded piece of wood honors one of Jackson Cameron’s namesakes–my great grandfather. He was a hard working and good looking blacksmith who made The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint’s brand for their livestock, etc.

Jackson's Room
Then there are his little buddies at the foot of his bed. These were given to us by family members and friends.

Each of my boys has a sock monkey in their room. In January, we sent all the birth moms sock monkey pillow slippers to help them get through the last of the winter months.

Which brings us to the sheep. Jackson’s birth mom LOVES sheep. She gave him the one on the right and has a matching one as well. And to top it all off? My grandfather was a sheep farmer!

In keeping with the sheep theme inspired by his birth mother, I asked A Vintage Poster to do some custom artwork for Jackson’s room and, of course, a matching set for his birth mom.

Jackson's Room
Jackson's Room
These prints were designed specifically for Jackson and his birth mom. The baby sheep is on the left, the mommy sheep is on the right.

In the middle is the quote, “And then, just love.”

While hanging out a couple weeks before placement, Jackson’s birth grandma asked his birth mom what the plan was. His birth mom mentioned a few specific things about the hospital and placement. She finished her response with, “And then, just love.”

I was so touched by her words and the promise they held for the uniting of our families.


I was totally impressed with A Vintage Poster–their willingness to work within my short time frame, their custom designs, adjusting to my feedback and their packaging was totally divine. (Seriously, I would buy a print just for the packaging.)

I have been dying to share A Vintage Poster with you and today is the day!

I am giving away THREE 11 x 14″ prints–two from her site (good luck choosing) and one custom that she will make just for you.

I know, it’s a dreamy!


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I moustache you a question…

Will you be my valentine?

Sent these valentines to our families–including birth families–in post card form.

I hope they get a giggle out of them. We sure had a blast making them.

Here’s a peek at the full Valentine package that each of the birth moms got. Those mini books are from Printstagram and they come in duplicates so you send one to Birth Mom and keep one for the kiddo’s memory box.

Valentine packages for the birth mamas. #adoption #openadoption (Link in profile.)

I know this idea is too late for you to share with your child’s birth family, but I like my kids’ birth moms to be surprised by what arrives in the mail to them. I hate for them to see it on my blog first. Just pin the above image for next year!

More birth parent gift ideas from R collection.

Compilation video of items we have sent to birth families.