aabm #13: parenting after placement

what is ask a birth mom (aabm)? click HERE.who are the birth mothers on the panel? click HERE. today my aabm panel is answering the following: Our son’s birth mother is pregnant again and will be parenting her daughter. I realize that this may be speculation for some of the birth mothers on the panel,… [Read More]

aabm #9: your position as mother

Tell me how you feel about your position as “mother” and how you look at the adoptive mothers role. One of my biggest fears right now during the adoption approval process is that if we go with an open adoption and the birth mom is involved- that I won’t feel like the mother of the… [Read More]

aabm #8: family support

what kind of support did you have from your family? did any of your family members try to “talk you out of it”? could you have done this without the support of your family? myra I had really great support from my family. Most of my family was 100% supportive and by my side to… [Read More]

aabm #6: wanting the baby back

did you ever want to get the baby back? if yes, is that something that you still feel strongly about? if you don’t really feel that way any more, how long did it take to stop wanting the baby back? nicoleThere will always be that curiosity in my head about what it would be like… [Read More]