Surprises from The R House Couture

I love surprises.

I think it’s why I love getting mail.

It certainly is why Kim and Leisha and I started The R House Couture–to help you send a little surprise to those you love, including yourself.

(Remember that time that my SIL sent me a surprise necklace from my own shop? SNEAKY.)

It’s the reason why we gift wrap every single one of our necklaces. Everybody loves to feel loved.

One of my main responsibilities in our business is answer all the questions, emails and custom orders from our clients. While doing this, I hear about some of your most personal struggles, joys and family events.

Friends are sending necklaces to other friends who were just left by their husbands, birth moms are sending jewelry to fellow birth mothers honoring the baby they placed, husbands (mostly last minute!) are scrambling to get gifts for their wives who are about to go into labor. Shop owners are purchasing necklaces for their employees (so fun!) and grandmas are getting spoiled for Mother’s Day …and that’s just from this week.

I LOVE your stories.

Every once in awhile, a story will cut to my heart and validate my own personal reasons for being a jewelry artist.

This one was a wonderful surprise in my inbox. Had to share!

I wanted to let you know how much I love the R House Couture collection but I especially appreciate the love for adoption involved.  I am a birth mother and was trying to find some special gift for my now 20 yr old daughter who I was fortunate to reunite with 2 years ago. It’s a unique relationship but we try and see each other around her birthday every year to continue our tradition of my gift giving that I was fortunately able to do all these years (with update letters I shared with her mom) through the adoption attorney.  She has since had a baby boy of her own last fall and I found the Child of God charm I ordered. (I also plan to order another necklace soon).  So thank you thank you for your wonderful work.


Have a wonderful day & God Bless,


-K, from Ohio (posted with permission)




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  1. says

    I love the R House Couture! My favorite is the heart that you sent to me after my miscarriage. I still wear that charm, along with Gage’s name and the handprint for our new baby (you sent it before we knew KJ’s gender) close to every day!

  2. Julie Romas says

    If possible I would very much like to order a necklace for my granddaughters baptism this weekend! Can you put one together ASAP and send it out? Sorry for the late notice, I just came across your beautiful Jewlery today :)
    I would want the “child of God” just as you have on your site….with her name Addison Grace, her birthstone is February. I think it was $48. I do have a Paypal acct, or can pay with credit card, whatever you prefer.
    Thanks so much!