Star Wars Birthday Party

Last spring we celebrated my oldest son’s birthday …Star Wars style.

The weekend of his birthday party was packed with family and church events so party planning had to be simple with an easy set up.


First, I created a little Lego Star Wars invitation on the computer. Printable Invitation Kits has a great template that’s easy to use Then I drove the birthday boy around with his Star Wars little brother sidekick to deliver the invites to their friends. Of course they were in costume!


It was a huge hit! The boys were hilarious and stayed in character the whole time. It was a great memory maker.

For the party favors, I decided to make Pool Noodle Light Sabers thanks to Muddy Boots. I too spent way too much time decorating the hilts with duct and electrical tape. And yes, each one is different.

They turned out SO cute and were a surprise for the birthday boy until the day of the party.

I usually like to make the cakes for my kids’ birthdays (I remember my mom doing that for us as a kid), but this year time was just not on our side. I headed to Walmart and looked at their cakes. Turns out you can get cupcakes iced to look like a cake. I love it. I also learned that you can get the frosting personalized and decorated the what you like, but if you ask for the cake you’d like without the toys, it knocks the cost of the cake down quite a bit. After all, we have enough Star Wars toys at our house. I don’t need a cheap plastic imitation.

If you happen to have a hilarious and awesome husband like I do, ask your neighbor if you can borrow their Darth Maul costume and after you have done a little Jedi Academy with the party goers, have your hilarious and awesome husband appear in full costume and battle the Little Jedi Masters using the skills you just taught them.

It. Was. Awesome.

And easy.


The birthday boy had a glorious time and Auntie Breezy got it all on video. They watch their battle with Daddy Darth Maul at least once a week. Again, here’s to great memories being made!