Sammy’s in SLC

I love Sammy’s Cafe.

I’ve reviewed them before, but there are a few things I want to drive home with this shout out for their new location in SLC (right across the street from The Grand America Hotel).

The first things you should know is that Sammy is just a nice guy–easy going and easy to talk to. He is all about community and local events. This is someone you want to support.

Next? Their downtown location is open late. (Monday-Thursday until midnight, Friday and Saturday until 2am.) It’s the perfect place for a late night snack, finale to your date night or treat after an event.

Speaking of treat, their Pumpkin Pie Shake is seriously awesome! Mr. R said it “tastes like Fall” but I just say it tastes goooood. You watch them scoop an actual slice of pumpkin pie out of the pie tin and place it in your cup with ice cream. Then they mix it up–but not too much. You still get little bites of pumpkin pie in your shake. You guys …it’s just so good. Get on that.

Kids Eat Free. Purchase a meal for yourself and your kids eat free. Any day. Just mention it at checkout. I can get behind that!

When I first went to the Pleasant Grove location, Sam introduced me to a side of caramel for dipping sweet potato fries. It pretty much changed my life. As far as I can see, it’s not on the menu but it is delish. Just ask for a little cup of it when you order.

We are french fry snobs at The R House. I actually am kind of proud of it. The boys know which places daddy doesn’t like to eat at because their fries are weak. They also know which places have the best fries. Sammy’s fresh cut french fries are a win. I like them over the battered fries on their menu.

Sammy’s isn’t just famous for their fries and pie shakes. Sammy himself is a facial hair kind of dude and the mustache has become one of Sammy’s trademarks. For the quirky guy on your Christmas shopping list, consider one of Sammy’s ties with a built-in mustache for those mustache on-the-go emergencies.

You just flip up the end of the tie and BOOM, instant awesome. The tie is business in the front with a party underneath. It’s like the hip mullet of neckties. Hilarious stocking stuffer.

But friends, you don’t have to take my word for it when it comes to how “official” Sammy’s Cafe is. Hear it from the mouth of Daym as he reviews Sammy’s Provo location.

His reaction to Utah’s famous fry sauce at 4:30 is so awesome!


    • Lindsey says

      Caramel dipping sauce FOR.THE.WIN, Brooke. Try it next time you are in town. It will not disappoint!

  1. Erin says

    We ate at Sammy’s Downtown today because I could not get the drooling to stop from your pie-shake picture. :) So good!