PTO/PTA Fundraising made really easy!


PTO (or PTA) Fundraising … made really easy!

Are you getting tired of the same old PTO fundraising ideas?

Well, here’s a better idea.

What if your PTO actually gave you something that would benefit your family and also earned the school money? Now, we’re talking… creates a custom PDF that the PTO sends out. For each family that signs up, My Job Chart will donate $1 to your PTO! It is a great way for schools to earn money and families to learn about our site.

Find details here:

What a great fundraising idea!

Have your PTO President sign up HERE.


Full Disclosure: I was compensated for this post.


  1. brandi says

    when did the month start? just barely? or is it almost over? we have a PTO meeting tonight and i’d love to bring this info!