Just got home from a wonderful luncheon at the Utah Adoption Council Annual Conference where I was one of three award recipients. Say whaaaat? It's the first time they have ever honored a blogger! Glad to have my 4 boys there cheering for me. #yayforblogg

March 2013: Mrs. R receives the Utah Adoption Council’s Community Excellence Award 2013 For Outstanding Contributions to Adoption in Utah.


March 2013: Mrs. R is featured as an inspiring Mormon Mommy Blogger in an article from Meridian Magazine. Her family is the cover photo!


February 2013: One of The R House’s birth parent gift ideas is featured in’s 99 BEST Indoor Activities. (eBook, Page 12) Subscribe to the eBook.


January 2013: The R House’s posts If Only For a Short Time and Our Jackson were voted Best of the Open Adoption Blogs by the Open Adoption Bloggers Network. Pretty sweet.


May 2012: An author, a pageant queen, a PhD and a blogger walk into the KSL Noon News Studio …and chat about coping with infertility with Scott Haws.

May 2012: What could be better than putting together a post about loving your kids birth mothers? Mrs. R can think of very few things and that’s exactly what Birthmothers 4 Adoption asked her to do!


May 2012: Mrs. R gets to participate in Smitten By’s month-long Motherhood theme on their blog. She share about the first time she held her boys.


 May 2012: For about a month Mrs. R worked with Or So She Says on putting together a page of adoption resources for their website. She was thrilled when she was able to share her youngest son’s adoption story on their front page as well.

May 2012:America Adopts! invited Mrs. R to share her thoughts on open adoption and Mother’s Day. She was delighted to talk about why her boys’ birth moms are part of her Mother’s Day celebration.

April 2012: The R House Couture has such a fabulous time as a vendor at SNAP! Mrs. R was thrilled when she was invited to be a guest panelist at one of their Twitter parties about balancing life and blogging.


February 2012: Time Out for Women sent a camera crew to Mrs. R’s home to interview her about how she seeks the good during life’s hardships. This interview is only currently available at their conference! Don’t miss it!


November 2011: One of Mrs. R’s all-time favorite projects was interviewing three dear friends on how they would have liked to be supported during their pregnancy loss. Studio 5’s Brooke Walker pulled Mrs. R into her studio to discuss these interviews.

September 2011: The Mormon Women Project asked about infertility, adoption and miracles. Mrs. R gave them her passionate, teary answers. A favorite interview so far!


June 2011: Mrs. R talks about what she is doing over the summer in this issue of The Barrel of Blogs. Check out her feature on pages 15 and 16.


May 2011: Mrs. R talks Social Media with MommyCast and shares a little bit about herself too–which she tells MommyCast is her favorite topic. She’s so vain. She probably thinks this blog is about her.

April 2011: Mrs. R shares with Silver Strands a silver lining in her life including a little, albeit unflattering, video clip.


March 2011: Mrs. R participates in Is This REALLY My Life’s silly Mad Libs Monday and shares her most uncool parenting moment.


February 2011: Mom It Forward interviews Mrs. R about infertility and adoption (and touches a little on online negativity too) in their Moms Making a Difference section.


February 2011: Mrs. R participates in The Story of a Nice Mormon Girl’s Valentine Love Week by answering the question, “Could I LOVE an adopted child as much as a biological one?”


February 2011: The Lark’s Nest writes a sugary sweet post about Mrs. R. And from what I hear, Mrs. R is still blushing about it.


December 2010: Mrs. R shares with Make It Work Mom how she makes it all work and how time management is her greatest hardship right now.


December 2010: Mrs. R share with Matters of the Heart how her morning routine has change SO much for the better from her teaching days to her mothering days.


November 2010: Mrs. R talks with Tamra Vaifanua of Fox 13’s Good Day Utah about National Adoption Awareness Month, the annual ‘Orange you glad for adoption?’ Walk and wishes she hadn’t worn such a large knit sweater on TV. Stay tuned for her children running onto the set at the end of the clip. Awesome.


August 2010: Wasatch Woman Magazine interviews Mrs. R about the adoptions of her boys. It was an emotional print interview that is now framed on Mrs. R’s office wall. Beautiful images by Kim Orlandini Photography on the cover as well as pages 18-19.


Spring 2010: Latter-Day Woman Magazine features The R House Couture’s Be Still Necklace and the sentimental meaning it has for Mrs. R as it relates to her youngest son’s adoption. Check out the feature on page 8.


March 2010: Mrs. R participates in the launch of Kerstin Daynes book, Infertility: Help, Hope, and Healing.


March 2010: Mrs. R and her business partners for The R House Couture are featured on SassyScoops telling the story of the items in their shop.


March 2010: Mrs. R writes about hope for Time Out for Women’s Infinite Hope Tour.


November 2009: Mrs. R appears with other adoption advocates on Good Things Utah to celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month even though her hair lost it’s curl during that morning’s snow storm. The show must go on!


November 2009: Mrs. R is featured by Created by Chicks as a Creative Chick, sharing her love of adoption through jewelry from The R House Couture.


September 2009: Mrs. R is interviewed by about adoption and why she is an adoption advocate.


September 2009: Mrs. R writes an article with Nathan Gwilliam for Adoption Today Magazine about Adoption Voices, the adoption social network which she was the Community Manager of at the time. You can see her article on page 34.


August 2009: A Room Somewhere shares Mrs. R, adoption and The R House Couture with her super fashionable readers.


May 2009: Mrs. R shares with MLJ Adoptions how important it is to celebrate the mothers we call birth mothers on Mother’s Day. This was a two part series: Part One, Part Two


May 2009: While she didn’t write for BlogHer nor was she interviewed for this article, Her Bad Mother mentions Mrs. R saying, “You can find a whole bunch of awesome, moving adoption stories at The R House.” Swoon.


In May of 2007, I was interviewed for the first time by Paige and Gretchen of MommyCast about my oldest son’s adoption. Since then, I have been on the show several times as a guest and am now MommyCast’s Community Manager.

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