Preserving Famly Memories in Memory Jars

When I used to scrapbook, I loved a store in Provo called Pebbles in My Pocket.

In their shop I remember this story:

We all collect treasures. . . a snip-it of hair from a child’s first haircut, memories of a favorite pet, the feeling of family togetherness during the holidays, the pride of watching your child graduate, birthday parties, first steps, a love letter etc. What are the pebbles you have picked up along the way and how will you share your story? How will you preserve them for you and future generations to enjoy?

I don’t scrapbook nearly enough for myself any more (although I love to make things for my kids’ birth mothers). But that doesn’t mean I have stopped collecting memories.

One way I am preserving family memories is with these family memory jars.

In the large jar I collect rocks, sea shells and the like from special events, vacations or memorable places we’ve been. My kids love being in charge of finding the perfect pebble or shell while we are out. I keep a marker in the car so I can immediately write the date and location (otherwise I forget).

In the smaller jar I keep ticket stubs, admission wrist bands and hotel keys.

It’s SO easy and makes great family room decor.

Candice from She’s Crafty was my inspiration on the ticket jar. I came across it awhile back while wasting time researching on Pinterest. (Give me a follow!)

The large jar (1 gallon) is available right now at Target.

The small jar (1 quart) is available at Deseret Book.

Happy memory collecting!


  1. says

    So love this idea! I did the rock one a while back on an anniversary trip with Steve prior to the boys, love the idea of doing it now with them. Thanks!

  2. says

    What a cool idea. I want to do the rock, seashell idea…mostly because this little boy we have likes to collect, and I would love to have that memory forever!

  3. says

    this is a super cute idea! I am also interested in seeing more of and hearing the story of the cute cupboard the jars are sitting on…:)

  4. Angie says

    Love, LOVE this idea! Both of my girls are collectors of “treasures” nearly everywhere we go and I’ve always struggled to find a great way to keep them off the floor!!! Thanks for sharing!