Is someone missing from our family?

The photo that changed my life.

One evening this summer–June to be exact–I was sitting on the couch flipping through my Instagram feed. Scrolling through, a photo stopped me dead in my tracks. My friend Carina posted about her adorable daughter’s reluctant entrance into her ballet class. I was overcome by the photo. My heart started racing and broke at the same time. This… [Read More]

New Mom and Blogging | The question I ask myself everyday.

Mommy Blogger Balance

Being a blogger, a work-at-home mom (I’m Editor-in-Chief of, a silversmith and owner at Charmed Collections (making personalized jewelry,) and a new mommy (not to mention those 3 mischievous little dudes) …everyday I’m hustlin’. And I don’t mean “hustlin’” in the Rick Ross way. I mean, I am literally sweating and hustling and hurrying around my little… [Read More]

Be Courageous | National Adoption Month

20 Seconds of Insane Courage

In years past, I’ve issued a challenge to my readers for National Adoption Month. It usually involved an increase of adoption content on social media …you know, to increase awareness. But, this year I am issuing a different kind of challenge. And I am super excited about it. The challenge is this: BE COURAGEOUS. There is so much… [Read More]