Working at

Confession time: Feeling vulnerable is not the only reason why I have been out of touch here.

In October, I took a job with a re-vamped as their Editor-in-chief.

The R House and

The new CEO called me last summer and asked if I would be interested in working for and if I was, what job I would want to do.

I told him I am not good at math.

Or talking on the phone.

I told him that I am disorganized and not a Grammar Snob. (Obvs.)

This is probably not the best way to respond when someone offers you a job, just FYI.

I DID tell him what I love. And that is you.

I told him that I am a storyteller and I love the adoption triad. I told him I would want to work with the writers. And so here I am.

I helped with a MASSIVE re-branding, re-design, and re-routing of our website that released mid-April. Have you seen recently? Learn more about the NEW 

My job at is to amplify the voices of our community to’s 4 million monthly pageviews. The absurdity of that number and the burden that I feel on my shoulders because of it is enormous. I want to share powerful voices with you that will educate, inspire, and even uplift you.

Each member of our Content Team has been carefully selected. It has been an honor to get to know them through their writing. So many of my work days (during nap time, or the middle of the night) is spent with me in tears over the passion and power that is being shared from my staff writers. I love their words and I love their heart.

I mean, look at these gems:


It's Not About the Baby

Myra, a birth mother, explains her reasons for placing. I’ve heard her present many times before and her fire always inspires me. And man, she is funny.

This was never about a baby. My pregnancy and my adoption were about a person. A lot of images flood the mind when a pregnancy is announced, including lots of adorable little clothes and toys. But for me I was thinking about his life to come. I was thinking about his calculus homework, his first date, and the day he becomes a father. The weight of this entire person with his entire amazing life was resting on my shoulders and my bladder. It was now up to me to get that boy to calculus and to his wedding day, and I was sorely unprepared. I had never even taken calculus.


What Not to Say to a Birth Mother

Sierra, a birth mother and an adoptee, shares What Not to Say to a Birth Mother.

When speaking to an adoptee or birth mom, it is okay to ask questions. I am an open book! However, be sensitive.


Adolescence Can Be Rough

Kenna, an adoptive mother and an adoptee, shares her experience of being adopted by her step-mom.

Adoption is not something to sweep under the rug, to shut away in a safe and throw away the combination. My parents never spoke of my adoption, so I assumed that they were ashamed of me and how I was added to the family.


Foster Parenting

Megan, an adoptive mother and foster mama, shares how foster parenting first took root in her heart. 

I could love a child who needed me, if only for a little while. 


Supporting Birth Mothers

Marilee, an adoptee through the foster care system and a birth mother, shares her Top 5 Ways to Break a Birth Mother’s heart. In my opinion, it’s a must-read for all adoptive parents and hopeful adoptive parents.

Your child cannot have too many people to love him or her. This includes lots of possibilities, but talk to your birth mom! Follow her lead and trust her judgment. 


THIS is one of the happiest posts I have ever read!

And then there’s THIS, THIS, and THIS one. Oh and THIS one! Like woah, right?

I honestly have the coolest job in the world for me. I had no idea it would be like this!

I’ve learned things that I didn’t even know that I didn’t know–about adoption, adoption misconceptions, writers, rebranding, coding, and so on. It’s humbling and usually overwhelming, but always a blessing.

I want you to know that I take this opportunity very seriously. In the end, answers to YOU, the adoption community. If you can’t use what we are creating, then it doesn’t matter how pretty our site is. And it is very pretty! 

I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure. The R House isn’t going anywhere, I will still do most of my writing here (in fact, I’ve only written one story for so far!), but I get to share the stories of so many others who inspire me TO NO END.

Every Friday I will share my Editor’s Picks from right here. These are stories that my incredible Content Manager, Rachel, and I have been touched by. I want you to get to know these incredible voices that I get to work with everyday!

Let’s do some good, people.




Shop Happy | Smith’s Fuel Points

Disclaimer: Kroger/Banner selected some Bloggers, including me, to create posts about the Fuel Crew Mom campaign, and provided me with a Kroger/Banner gift card to thank me for my participation and post.


Who is road tripping this summer? Woot! Woot!

We’ve got a trip in the planning stages and we are saving up fuel points to make it all possible on a budget.

Are you familiar with fuel points? Check out Ashley from The Shine Project (!!!) and Summer from The Girls With Glasses and Eliza Magazine share their best tips for how to save money on fuel with this sweet rewards program.

My best tip is to have everyone in your family download that app under the same card number. This let’s you work together to stockpile those fuel rewards points AND it helps you keep a community list of everything you need on your next trip to the store. (Yes! The app has a grocery list feature.)

Pssst: Have you checked out the Smith’s app? I love how you can clip coupons right on your phone! Best!


Need more road tips ideas? Check out these Road Trip Survival Tips for Kids.

It’s Time For a Comeback

I’ve been gone for awhile.

Can I be honest and vulnerable with you for a little minute?

Ever since our reversed adoption and some things that were written by other authors about how we handled our grief, blogging kind of lost its sparkle. Why would I share vulnerable parts of my heart if those pieces were mocked with sarcastic judgement? Why would I share my family?

Have you felt me disengage from you, Internet? It’s been almost two years.

During these two years, I have been praying to know what to do. Do I believe that God answers our prayers even if we pray about something like blogging? You bet I do.

For two years I prayed while my blog, my online real estate, limped along.

I prayed about what was right for my family and what was right to share online.

My prayers led to thoughts which led to more prayers which lead to pondering. And repeat.

Why do I blog?

Do I write to be liked?

Do I write to regurgitate common opinions?

Do I write so that I can feel validated by others?


I write because I want to make a difference. I want to bring hope to those who may be suffering …from whatever. I want to celebrate open adoption. I want to educate and uplift. I need people to know that God does answer our prayers and visits us in our affliction. I want to spread goodness. I want to radiate joy.

We all have hardships. We all have things that didn’t turn our the way we had planned. We have sorrow, pain, longing, loneliness, questions, yearning, loss, heartache, etc. This includes me.

I’ve tried to take those hardships and flip them. “It’s better to look up.” It’s more golden. You will see that message subtly illustrated in my new design. (Isn’t Kristin from Designer Blogs so very talented? She’s also an infertility survivor.)

During this prayer and pondering period, I did a lot of reading because I still didn’t feel like I had an answer.

I read this post by Millions of Miles. It spoke to me.

I loved her thoughts on prioritizing family and growth.

I’m back- not letting fear keep me paralyzed anymore. I’ve decided to just come back.  Messy as it all is.

I read this post by Stephanie Nielson and my heart burned.

You can’t make everyone happy. You can’t please everyone, and I am re-learning this everyday. It’s not that I want everyone to like me (I’m not that kind of person and really only have a few close friends), I just don’t want to offend people.  I believe we could all be more sensitive to each other which is a constant battle for me because my knee jerk reaction is to go for the jugular.


And then I got an invitation to a conference put on by Bonneville Communication, #BonConf. One of the speakers was Stephanie!

Lindsey Redfern, Stephanie Nielson.jpg

As if she wrote her message just for me, her words answered the prayers I had been sending up to heaven for the last couple of years.

Don’t let people tell you what you can and cannot talk about. Don’t hide behind your computer screen.

It dawned on me, “I’ve given away my power! I AM hiding.” My spirit was ready to jump out of my body as I took copious notes on her message. The other 40 people in the room seemed to disappear. A mindful God tapped me on the shoulder. I recognized her words as the answer I had been looking for, sent to me through her from a loving Father in Heaven who is aware of the details of our lives.

Afterward, I had to tell her that her words answered my prayers. She was gracious and stunning and genuinely interested in my family as I fumbled through a wordy thank you.

The R House and Nie Nie.jpg

“I’ve been praying for answers and today I found them in your words. YOU changed me.”

(A special thanks to Brassy Apple for snapping these pictures for me.)

On at least three separate occasions during this 2 year praying period, I went to delete my blog. “This is ridiculous! Who needs this kind of stress? Does it really matter that much?” I asked myself. And yet something stopped me each time my curser hovered over the giant delete button. I quietly heard, “It’s not just yours any more.”


“It ain’t yours to throw away.”

What special places (maybe a blog?) have been given to you that you just aren’t allowed to give up on?

(Also: Nashville = My guilty pleasure. Anyone else?)


And so here we are. A new look. A new outlook. A new R house.

More honesty.

More heart.

More love.