What Jean ValJean taught my husband about being an adoptive father.

Les Miserables and Adoption

A couple of months ago, I took my husband to see Les Miserables at a theater in-the-round. I’ve seen it on Broadway and was even been in a production while in college, but this was a whole different ballgame. There’s something incredible about an in-the-round experience. It’s so personal. My husband despises musicals with the… [Read More]

DNA, Leaning into Joy, Reasons for Placement, and Identical Magic | Adoption.com Round-up

Adoption.com Editor's Picks

  As Editor-in-chief of Adoption.com, I have the privilege of reading almost all of the content that we publish. It’s so refreshing to read about different perspectives and experiences than my own all while being uplifted, inspired, and educated.   Every week, I am especially touched by a handful of articles that I find myself thinking… [Read More]

Closure is Coming to SLC 07.10.14

SLC Tugg Flier Presented by The R House

As soon as I watched the preview, I knew I needed to bring this film to SLC.  I longed to sit in a theater filled with my adoption community and watch a beautiful and moving film about family, identity, and adoption. Ladies and gentlemen …CLOSURE. I reached out about bringing the film here and wouldn’t… [Read More]

The one about my dad.

Lindsey Redfern and Dad

On Mother’s Day, I was lucky enough to have both my father and my father-in-law visiting. We all went to church together. As is the custom in our ward (congregation) on Mother’s Day, all the women ages 12 and up gather together for a meeting and are spoiled with served fruit, beverages, and pastries. This… [Read More]