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As Editor-in-chief of Adoption.com, I have the privilege of reading almost all of the content that we publish. It’s so refreshing to read about different perspectives and experiences than my own all while being uplifted, inspired, and educated.


Adoption.com Editor's PicksEvery week, I am especially touched by a handful of articles that I find myself thinking about even when I’m not at ‘at work.’ Articles like these are why I love my job so much.


This piece was written by Tom, one of our Staff Writers who is also an adoptee and advocate for adoptee rights. I was especially interested in his experiences connecting with his biological family with the aid of DNA. We recently did that for our oldest son using 23andMe. I’m pretty much a sponge when it comes to reading about the experiences of individuals who were adopted in hopes that it will make me a better mom to my boys.

For me, it was validating to find out what I was sure I already knew. Somehow, it just helped me to tie everything together.

For adoptees who don’t have any information about their roots to begin with, I can only imagine how powerful and significant receiving their results would be.

OpenYourHeart-15Oh this piece hit really close to home for me. (Maybe even a little too close.) I was enthralled in Megan’s description of bringing home a newborn baby placed with her in a foster care arrangement. I often find myself in awe of and learning from families involved in foster care. I am sure being foster parents is in our future somewhere. Her words about not missing an opportunity to celebrate a child’s life were totally validating as we tend to wear our heart on our sleeve over here.

From the start of our family-building journey, people have acted like I am not careful enough. I know they mean well. I know they are trying to protect me. Some told me I shouldn’t get my hopes up. Some have said I should be more careful or I will be too attached if our foster child has to leave. However, I have always thought that being too careful would take away some of the joy of celebrating life, whether in the case of foster care or adoption. Over and over, I have felt the truth confirmed as I have allowed myself to, as Dr. Brené Brown (researcher and author) says, lean into joy. Downplaying the chance for happiness in the name of practicality or in hopes of preventing disappointment is robbing yourself and your family of possible joy!


You can practically feel Tiffany’s strength jumping off the screen in this piece. Reading the reasons why birth parents chose adoption for their child will never get old for me and I believe it makes me a more empathetic adoptive mother with a stronger conviction to keep open adoption promises.

I believe true love is when you forget yourself entirely and completely and offer everything you have to someone else. I think that title encompasses all moms, but especially those mothers who make the ultimate sacrifice and gain the title of birth mom.

That true love is the real reason I placed my son for adoption. That love gave me courage to make the decision to place myself in a situation full of pain, grief, and heartbreak so that my son would be in a situation full of happiness, love, and joy.


This one is pure magic. Confession: After hearing Kira tell parts of this story, I knew I needed her to be one of our Staff Writers at Adoption.com. Tears pouring down my cheeks, you guys. The following quote just sums up all the warm fuzzies I have about open adoption.

The big day came to deliver my baby. I was in the hospital nervous and having contractions. One of the sweetest parts of labor was the texts I kept receiving from my children’s birth mothers. They had experience with labor and delivery and were able to give me loving advice. Texts telling me how to breathe, encouraging me that I could do it, and telling me good luck. We were also able to joke about some of the unflattering parts of childbirth, and it lightened my mood while going through the pain.

I can’t wait to see what I’m going to learn next week! 

Because the world needs a little more sunshine.

Last week (month?) was a doozy, wasn’t it?

I had to unplug a lot. On one such occasion, I packed my people up and headed to a park.

While shoving the blanket in the trunk, I looked up to see my three little jewels sitting in a row. They were laughing their insides out, happy as could be. I took a mental picture to remind myself that there is still joy and good and wonder in the world. There is still sunshine.

I pulled out my phone to take a quick video of their antics and recorded this gem:

May it remind you of the jewels in your own life and how hope is smiling brightly before us.

There is still sunshine.

Let’s help this 17-year-old find her forever family.


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