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This is my dear friend, Gina Crotts.

We first met at an adoption walk honoring birth mothers on Birth Mother’s Day a few years ago.

Gina is a friend, a wife, a daughter, a mom, a birth mother, an artist and the founder of Birth Mother Baskets.

Birth Mother Baskets is a non-profit organization that I started, to help me heal with my own placement. bmb has blessed my life more then I have ever imagined!

I placed My Little Butterfly almost 11 years ago. She is forever in my heart and prayers.

I am now a very happy mother of three. JD, Evie & Jett. They keep me busy and laughing daily!

I am married to my best friend in the whole world.


What is Birth Mother Baskets?

Birth Mother Baskets {bmb} is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that delivers gift baskets to birth mothers who have recently placed their babies for adoption. These gift baskets hold so much more than just the tangible items inside of them. They are filled with LOVE, warmth and support. bmb provides a loving voice saying, “you are not alone, you are loved, you are brave and yes someone has felt this unbearable pain before.”

Please, help us support these brave women who truly give the greatest gift of all… selfless LOVE.


She inspires me! And she has been busy inspiring people all over the community.

She recently did an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune called A gift of comfort from one birth mother to another. I loved this quote by Gina’s {bmb} partner in awesomeness, Jenny Treanor:

“I made the best possible decision I could. I changed both of our stars and said, ‘Let’s make the best of this.’”


Gina was also featured on KSL Channel 5 News. Isn’t she adorable?



You can also watch her interview with Spanish Fork Network–Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Gina says this was the hardest interview she has ever done.

Gina and I have been working for months on making Birth Mother Baskets the featured Online Service Project here at The R House for the next few months. Pick a way or two below to help out Birth Mother Baskets this spring season and see the joy that comes from paying it forward.

How can you help?


Buy a Believe in Yourself shirt for $12 where 100% of the proceeds go to Birth Mother Baskets.

Hurry! There are only a limited number left.



Donate items to fill a basket! They are always in need of a variety of items to fill baskets. Right now they are really lacking reusable shopping bags without a company logo (Ross and Burlington seem to have these frequently), socks, small blankets and cash donations (it take $10-15 to mail each basket). Details on how to donate HERE.



I also want to encourage everyone to attend the Birth Mother Basket’s Birth Mother’s Day Celebration at the Blue Lemon this Saturday. Blue Lemon is generously donating 20% of the lunch bill to Birth Mother Baskets when you bring in THIS flyer! Don’t miss out on this beautiful way to celebrate Birth Mother’s Day this Saturday.





    • Lindsey says

      Were the tears because it took so long to get it up? LOL That’s why I almost cried.

      But SERIOUSLY, how AWESOME is your interview with Brooke Walker? LOVED IT! Totally worth the 2.5 mins!

  1. Jenny Treanor says

    Lindsey~ Thank you for the wonderfully kind words! The post did bring me to tears:) xoxo Jenny

    *Small blankets ~ the blankets I currently have are 50inx60in. Just big enough to cuddle up in on the couch:)