NCAA Basketball Tournament 9 Foot Wall Bracket

This is our 9 foot NCAA bracket on our kitchen wall.
Yes. You read that right.

I thought maybe you’d like to take your March Madness to a whole new level of crazy like we did at the r house and if so, here’s what to do:

First, you need 1″ thick painter’s tape–that’s what we made the actual bracket out of. It cost $2.44 at Walmart.

Then you need to measure your wall. The second round on the very outside of the bracket is actually quite mathematical to set up. Bear with me.

Mr. R took the measurement of the wall that we wanted to use (notice we didn’t use the whole wall) and divided it by 32 (the number of teams in the second round) and that gave him a basic idea of how much space he would have for each team. In our case, that was 1.5″ between each piece of tape. (Remember the painter’s tape 1″ thick.)

The horizontal lines on our wall are 7″ long. We came up with that number by knowing that the bracket couldn’t be any longer than the length of the wall divided by 11 because there are 11 spots going across from left to right. (You’ll notice in our bracket that the horizontal lines around the space for the tournament champion is longer just to fill in the space if that even makes sense. LOL)

Connecting the horizontal lines is easy. Just connect them. My only suggestion is making sure you make a hard right angle with the tape–that makes it look sharp.

As the seedings were revealed tonight, we printed out the logo of the team, the college name and the seeding number and placed them on the bracket.

Mr. R and I will make our bracket predictions on our wall by placing a colored dot next to the team that we think will win (mine pink, his blue). Then we’ll print out another logo for the actual winner of the game and move on from there.

So awesome. I love it.

You should totally do it too and please, allow me to save you the time of hunting down each team’s logo: The 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament logos, school names and seeding. It’s all ready for you to print out.

You’re welcome.
Really, it’s the least I can do to help you encourage your crazy.

In the words of Mr. R who sat and stared at it when it was completed, “It’s the most beautiful thing we have ever created together.”

I love him. This was such a fun thing to do together.


  1. Kristin Call says

    WOW! I am surprising my husband with this tonight. lol, I like Mr. R's quote at the end. very appropriate. :)

  2. hope2adoptbaby says

    I'm doing this for a surprise today too…THANKS for the idea (you totally get all the credit for this!)

    I can't get the logos, school names, and seeds open though…any ideas? I signed up for an account and clicked on your link, but it says I can't access it.

  3. Elaine, CMT says

    If my husband was a sports fan, I'd be all over this. But he's not. . .I am. But that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen :)

  4. Jocelyn says

    I r.e.f.u.s.e to show mu husband this. REFUSE! (Or some wall in my house will have the similar fate!)

    But kudos to you for being a good wife!

  5. Kara says

    Just showed this to my hubbie and two oldest sons. The 12 year old asked, "Dad, why can't we be that cool?" LOL!

  6. Kristin says

    That is awesome! I thought I was cool for doing the World Cup on posterboard for my nephews, but this is WAAAAY cooler.

  7. PNRB says

    My husband and I fill out brackets every year and have a fun-loving wager on the whole thing…funny thing is MY bracket always goes MISSING half way through!(It's because he can read the writing on the wall that I'm going to win). Pardon me while I TOTALLY COPY this AWESOME IDEA so there is no more dispute over who the winner is – He really WILL be able to read the writing on the wall! HA!

  8. Peach says

    Oh my. Not caring a thing for sports, and my husband feeling the same way, I completely do not understand this. :) Have fun!