Live Reading of Jackson’s Story [Video] | Listen to Your Mother

This spring I auditioned and participated in Listen to Your Mother.

Tonight was pretty dang spectacular. I love all this women and their storytelling but @cjanekendrick and I finally got to get down to the nitty gritty about family, infertility and adoption. She has this gift of making you feel like a billion bucks while
It was one of the coolest things I have done for myself. In front of the live audience, I read a short version of Jackson’s birth and adoption story and let myself become emotional. (I don’t always let myself do that.)

Can I share this moment of bravery with you?

{I just have to take a minute here and express the depth of our love for Jackson’s birth family. We are so blessed to have them and Jackson in our family.}

I loved the women I was able to connect with through this opportunity and the connectedness I felt with womanhood and motherhood as we presented on so many different topics. Watch all those who presented at the Utah Listen to Your Mother Show. You will be touched and inspired!