it’s a new year.

the r house rang in the new year last night with muse and sensei’s families.

the food was divine–avocado salsa cups, shrimp wontons, meatballs from scratch, potato skins (with bacon!), mocktails (thanks to The Jet Set), cake bites (my first attempt!) and a hot chocolate bar (for the record, cinnamon hot chocolate with a dollop of Nutella is life changing!)

the children enjoyed the food as well (with the addition of chicken nuggets) and we set up a little cozy tent city for them in gavin’s room with the tent that gavin’s birth grandpa sent him for christmas. mr. r moved the tv from our bedroom into gavin’s room and they watched a few movies and ate/threw amazing amounts of popcorn. (insert a Dyson vacuum ad here.) we had grand visions of the children actually falling asleep (hey man, shoot for the stars!) but that didn’t happen. at all.

they did, however, stay upstairs playing and watching movies while the adults enjoyed some bevvies, played some games and had grown-up conversation (laughter included!) then we all sat in a circle, held hands and sang kumbaya. (i wish i could say that i wasn’t lying about that!)

we were saved from trying to think of words starting with “o” in our scattergories game by NKOTB (holla! you know how i feel about them! if not, read this!) and the ball dropping …which i didn’t even see! am i the only one the missed it? i seriously don’t even think it showed here. seacrest failed me.

despite the fail, we rang in the new year in a spectacularly casual fashion.

we rang out the 2010 theme:
Come What May and Love It
(i believe we did this well!)

we rang in the 2011 theme:
Hold Thy Peace
(taken from Zaphaniah 1:7)

i’ve spent the last few days thinking about new year’s resolutions and i loved it when muse brought it up over ticket to ride last night. it’s always interesting to read what people feel they need to change about themselves.

here’s the top ten things i am going to work on in 2011 in no particular order:

1. take better care of my skin. specifically my face. i have a plan that i will share later.

2. go to sleep earlier. (i like CJane’s idea on her facebook page of paying herself to go to bed earlier. love her.)

3. get this body into running condition again. this starts tuesday, until then–INDULGE! thanks to mr. r for getting the family a pass to our local rec center for christmas. we all need it! (side benefit: fit into all my pretty jeans again.)

4. spend less time in restaurants and more time around our kitchen table as a family. although, i may make exceptions for the recently discovered chick-fil-a. good glory! that place is good. (side benefit: more money in the savings account.)

5. more meaningful prayer and scripture study done daily.

6. get my email under control because DANG!!!!!! i need a new system. anyone out there with great ideas?

7. become more and more involved with (follow us on twitter!) i believe in the good they do to promote the family (and adoption)!

8. re-vamp and re-design and re-launch the r house. (also, start capitalizing in posts, mostly so i won’t be the brunt of all my brother michael’s punctuation jokes. kidding. kidding. kind of.) more on this very soon. prepare yourselves emotionally!

9. make more things with my hands. i think this is good for the soul. (this includes lifebooks for my children.)

10. continue with weekly date nights with my man. having something to look forward to when the potty training failures and mealtime negotiations make me want to cry is beneficial for the entire household. (we all know that the mama holds the key to the mood of the house.)

do you have any tips for me?

what about you? what are you going to “try a little harder to be a litter better” at in 2011? have you blogged about a new family theme or your goals for 2011? leave a link to your blog below i would love to check it out and be inspired by you.

(i’m trying something new with the link thingie. i think it could be cool and a great way to share your blog on my blog.)


  1. AubreyMo says

    So cute! All that food sounds so good and I love your new year resolutions. Mine is like my friend Diane – to just be kinder.

  2. Lindsay says

    Hey, Parker and his cousin Rylee (she was at the adoption walk with us) also threw popcorn all over his room last night while watching a movie! I'll post the pic on fb for you to enjoy! Sounds like we had very similar new years except your food was probably better! Love the post, the new family theme and can't wait to see the re-vamp, re-design and re-launch of the r house! I too fell off the running band wagon (after a very short ride) but vow in 2011 to be more consistent! Another of my goals in 2011 is to get our boys together to play and to at some point enjoy a meal with you at the Blue Lemon! Happy New Year!

  3. Savannah says

    I'm still working on my list too, but more crafting is the defiantly on my list. I want to start making cards.

  4. Emily says

    Sounds like a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration, and I love your theme for 2011. It's inspired me to try and come up with one for our family. All the items on your list should be on mine as well. Perhaps I'll just copy and paste… ;) Happy New Year, babe!

  5. Amy says

    Ditto on the "copy and paste" idea. LOL ;)

    I love the idea of an annual family theme. For FHE this week we are each going to make a dream/vision board. I think we will come up with a theme too!

  6. Lena says

    Good resolutions- I think the only one I have is continue my gym regimen and I hope it results in some lost poundage :)

  7. Lara says

    Good luck with your resolutions. I joined MommyCast just a little while ago – but still trying to "get it". Any tips would be great.