Independence Day Red, White and Blues

Without fail, I always get a little homesick around Independence Day. 

I miss heading to DC and watching the fireworks in the shadow the of the Washington Monument like we did for most of my childhood.

But, we do our best here in the great Beehive State to celebrate. Mr. R is good at celebrations. Real good.

Sleeping in. Pancake breakfast. Bike rides. Tossing around the football. Backyard BBQ. Madagascar 3. Carnival. Picnic dinner. Fireworks.


Last year Mr. R found the perfect place to watch the fireworks. We capitalized on that location again this year. There is something magical about laying on a blanket snuggled with your family and having the fireworks fill the entire sky above you.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

This morning I woke up with a great big patriotic gratitude hangover.

Grateful for my family. This land. My precious liberty. The freedom of my faith.

And especially grateful for the rain I hear on my roof!


How was your holiday?