I Support Hands Free Purse-ing | A Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post and I am a Sage & Harper affiliate. Opinions expressed are all my own.


So, I have three boys with big personalities.

Big mischievous personalities. Most of the time, they require an “all hands on deck” style of parenting.

When we are out and about, I cannot be be tied down with any extra things. I need both hands. This is why I support Hands Free Purse-ing. I need an across-the-body bag so that my hands can be free to keep my little entourage safe and sound and entertained. Over the shoulder bags simply will not do as it inevitably will slide off my shoulder when I bend down to pick up one of my kids and smack them in the face. I know you feel me on this!

Sage & Harper has the coolest, most comfortable bags for Hands Free Purse-ing enthusiasts like you and me.

Sage & Harper Bags

Hip, soft, cozy and FULL OF POCKETS–three exterior and SEVEN (!!) interior.

This is a little personal for me, but here’s the inside of my purse (pretend for a minute that there aren’t 6 lbs of receipts shoved into my bursting at the seams wallet). Not pictured: The bottom layer of business cards and crumbs.

Sage & Harper Bag. FTW.
Moms, it’s large enough to fit your caffeinated beverage, bottle, wallet (*AHEM* however large it may be), snacks, Luke Skywalker and even a large bottle of sunscreen. Shockingly, there’s still tons of room left over.

Sage & Harper Bag. FTW.
^^^ I love a big outside pocket that is next to the body to shove my phone in–also notebook for all my harebrained ideas and no less than 3 lip balms/glosses.

Sage & Harper Bag. FTW.
^^^ The adorable front of this bag also has large pockets that I admittedly do not utilize. Let’s be honest, I shove my keys in my bag without any rhyme or reason which is why I have to spend 15 minutes looking for them before we can get in the car. These front pockets are for organized moms = not me.

Sage & Harper Bag. FTW.
^^^ Not in Mom Mode? It’s a great bag for bloggers as well. Large enough to fit your DSLR and lenses!


In my opinion, it’s the perfect bag for BUSY moms and/or bloggers and/or mommy bloggers …and I know you are one busy lady!

I am giving away a matching Sage & Harper bag to this one that I love so dearly. therhouse.com
Because I love it so much (^^^ just look at how gingerly I am holding this beautiful, beloved bag), I am giving one away AND offering a 20% off code. (Look for the code at the end of the post.)

I am giving away the bag pictured below. The giveaway will be hosted via Raffflecopter. Use the widget below to enter.

Sage & Harper Messenger Bag

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sage & Harper 20% OFF Coupon Code: THERHOUSE20



  1. Melissa Neary says

    So perfect. One been looking for something like this for a while as we expect our second child.

  2. Heather says

    These bags are to die for! My favorite is actually the one you’re giving away, crossing my fingers!!

  3. Jennie says

    I love this bag! I so feel you on the bag smacking the kids in the face. Happened too many times.

  4. says

    Sawwweeeeet! I fell in love with your bag last weekend! I have a heart attack every other day when I’m convinced I’ve lost my wallet, phone and other important stuff because the abyss of my diaper bag is so deep and dark. This might be the solution ;) Great giveaway, Linds!

  5. Jessica says

    I need a new diaper bag so bad. And my kids are getting hit in the face with mine right now all of the time. I hope I win this for the sake of my kiddos!

  6. rebecca says

    Perfect bag for mom and kids. So cute and so practical. Those sectioned off areas inside the bag has my mouth watering for one as I’m that person that likes a specific place for everything!

  7. Staci says

    I support hand-free pursing because my 21 month old son is a chubby little thing (the cutest chubby thing you’ll ever see though) and is a mommy’s boy so he always wants me to carry him. It is quite impossible to carry him, a purse and a couple bags of groceries from the parking lot of our apartment complex to our front door without dying of exhaustion!

  8. Jill M. says

    I’m always carrying more in my hands… not having a purse to worry about is great!

  9. Rebecca says

    Those are great bags!! I am always carrying a sippy cup or toy or something in addition to trying to hold my daughter’s hand while we are out, so hands free pursing (and big enough to carry the sippy cup too!) is great!

  10. says

    I need my hands, too, because I have two little boys who like to run away from me in opposite directions!

  11. says

    You already know I have a thing for purses, and ORANGE! Hello, this needs to be in my possession. :)

  12. Linda says

    Oh my goodness!! I need this purse as I am constantly apologizing for my purse hitting my poor kiddos heads! It’s super cute too :)

  13. Lindsay says

    I only have one boy with a big personality, but some days it feels like I have three! Lol!

  14. says

    Because my ugly, current purse is sadly limping along….it is only 8 years old. I probably look like a hobo….at least people won’t steal an ugly purse, right?

  15. Anja Dowdy says

    I love hands free pursing!! Leaves you available to actually hold the hands of those little ones you love so much instead of “stuff”.

  16. says

    I’m not a mom, but I am in my last year of my bachelors degree and I need a bag that makes it so I don’t have to carry all my school scrap around.

  17. Teresa Dailey says

    I love bags and I love how rommy this one is!!! This would make for a great diaper bag as we are hoping to adopt another child soon :)

  18. says

    This is so stinking cute. I wish I had a bag that didn’t fall off my arm every time I carry my son. And that many pockets just makes me giddy!

  19. Melissa says

    I would love a bigger (and way cuter) hands-free purse! Mine is very small and fills up after only one receipt! Not even a full shopping trip! Hope raffle copter is my friend!

  20. Amy says

    I have 2 rather mischievous boys as well. I’m all about cross body bags. And look at all those pockets!

  21. says

    Because I’m a new(ish) mom, I run a child care program and preschool in my home and am surrounded by 2yo boys every day, I need to be hands free! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  22. says

    It just makes life so much easier! I would love a bag like this, especially with my wiggly one-year-old

    (also, I tried to like the last page in the rafflecopter, but it said the page is invalid!)

  23. Crystal says

    These purses look amazing. They seem to fit my style and organization needs. Can’t wait to buy one

  24. Patricia says

    I am totally on board with hands free pursing. I have been known to wack my baby in the head. Sigh. This purse is beautiful!

  25. Jessica says

    I’m a mother of 4 and the youngest 2 are very active boys. I need both hands available at all times. This purse would be perfect for me.

  26. Ste[hanie says

    I have been looking for a new purse, but I am very specific in what I want…..lots of inside pockets. So this is perfect, plus it is stylish and hands free. I would love it.

  27. Tara says

    I love bags that are both practical & stylish…this hits the nail on the head with both!

  28. Ashley Spencer says

    I have a two and a half yr old and 6 month old twins. I don’t have hands to do anything other than hold babies, literally, all the time. So, a huge huge fan of hands free everything. It assures me sanity and what mom doesn’t want a little sanity, right?

  29. Aubrey says

    LOVE this purse. Totally need a hands free bag since I am literally having to chase after my 19 month old most days, the over the shoulder diaper bag isn’t cutting it anymore!! I NEED this bag!! Pick me!!! :)

  30. says

    I’m in LOVE!! I’ve been a hands-free cross body girl for a long time, and always on the hunt for a fashionable large bag. Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. Brooke says

    So cute! I have never heard of these bags before, thanks for introducing me!
    I need/love purses with lots of room for all my “necessities”

  32. Brooke says

    So cute! I have never heard of these bags before, thanks for introducing me!
    I need/love purses with lots of room for all my “necessities”

  33. Melissa Newbold says

    I LOVE hands free pursing! I cannot stand when it falls off my shoulder, it is soooo frustrating to me!!!

  34. Heather says

    OK, I need this! My shoulder bag not only smacks my children in the face, but pulls my hair that gets stuck under it as well!!

  35. Carrie says

    Loooove the bag!
    I have been looking for a large enough bag that will hold all of my stuff as well as my little sons diabetic supplies because no four year old should have to lug around his own medical supplies. This will be a perfect fit!

  36. Elizabeth says

    I am a teacher so this is a great teacher bag too! It holds so many things and is attractive.

  37. jenni says

    Love this bag!!! I love one that don’t require hand to carry for the same reasons as you. I have five kids and would love this bag!

  38. says

    super cute! i support hands free pursing because i have very two active little boys & we’re hoping/waiting to adopt another baby. so, definitely need a big purse and one that leaves my hands free to be holding little hands :-)

  39. Jenna says

    OMg I love it! super cute. I have one almost 2 year old and another little boy on the way!!

  40. Trudy R says

    I could really use a new diaper bag. My son is now on the run, but is still trying to learn what safety means. Hands-free is a great new idea for me!

  41. Heather says

    I could totally use a new bag. I’d probably use it as a diaper bag. I had a baby girl after 3 boys and I’m still using the skull and crossbones diaper bag.

  42. says

    Holy crap I support hands-free pursing! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the purse-whack-to-the-head to my poor kiddo! This purse is awesome and gorgeous!

  43. Amanda says

    I support hands-free pursing because it means that I have a shot against my bag falling off of my shoulder, open up, and release embarrassing contents when I drop the majority of my books on the floor! #lifeofacollegestudent !!

  44. Whitney Bishop says

    I have to have this!! My poor kids get smacked in the face all the time and stuff falls out of my purse and then everything is a big mess!

  45. Alycia says

    I’ve just discovered the joys of hands-free pursing! The one I have now is a bit small and worn down. I love the look of these purses!

  46. Lynn says

    Yes! You had me at “does not fall off your shoulder”. How many times has my heavy Mary Poppins bag fallen down to whack someone in the head or break my forearm. Sweet giveaway!

  47. Aubrey says

    Wow! This bag is awesome! I love the colors, pockets, and the fact that I can carry a lot of stuff in my bag without it smacking my child in the face when I bend down!

  48. Leslie M. says

    This is beautiful!! I have four kids, so hand free pursing is the way to go! I’ve been looking for one with lots of pockets and this one looks perfect! Thanks for the chance!

  49. Arianne says

    I need this bag! With 4 littles I’m always shoving or finding fun things in my purse or diaper bag! :)

  50. Sarah O says

    you know, I have not thought to try a long strap purse for over the shoulder but it does seem mighty handy with the little one and definitely more on-the-go style that I don’t have to set down in dirty places to keep playing!

  51. Trixie says

    I hate carrying a purse, mainly because I have to touch EVERYTHING :) I’m worse than a kid at times. I’d love an across the shoulder bag to hold everything.

  52. Tammy says

    I would love this bag! I’m sure my kids are sick of my purse ALWAYS hitting them in the face. This bag holds everything too, which is perfect!!!

  53. Colleen says

    Love them all! As a new adoptive momma to a spunky baby boy this would sure be nice!

    • Elise Eberhard says

      What an awesome giveaway! I would love a hands free bag especially because my son is a crazypants and has taken to running a way from me the first chance he gets!

  54. katherine says

    Why not? Totally get the over the shoulder necessity. I’ve got tendinitis from my lovelies (worth it), and the fact that it holds an slr camera? Awesome.

  55. Allison says

    LOVe this bag! I support so I don’t drop my son while carrying him up a flight of stairs, with a bag of groceries, and into the house.

  56. says

    I am always on the hunt for a good sized bag that has one long strap for across the shoulder wearing! So difficult to find for a decent price!!

  57. Whitney Baze says

    I have 2 children that are 6 years apart. They have such different needs that it can be trying to carry a purse, diaper bag, etc while chasing my rambunctious toddler. Plus, this purse is A.DOR.ABLE!

  58. Sally says

    With a super sassy almost six year old girl (who NEEDS lots of stuff) and a brand new baby boy, this sure would come in handy.

  59. Angie says

    Oh, this bag looks perfect!! Became a mom for the 3rd time 9 months ago and my hands are too busy to be dealing with an unorganized purse! I need this bag!!

  60. Corrie says

    I NEED this big! I was nodding my head in total agreement about smacking kids in the head when my over the shoulder bag slides off my shoulder. The polka dot print is divine!