I moustache you a question…

Will you be my valentine?

Sent these valentines to our families–including birth families–in post card form.

I hope they get a giggle out of them. We sure had a blast making them.

Here’s a peek at the full Valentine package that each of the birth moms got. Those mini books are from Printstagram and they come in duplicates so you send one to Birth Mom and keep one for the kiddo’s memory box.

Valentine packages for the birth mamas. #adoption #openadoption (Link in profile.)

I know this idea is too late for you to share with your child’s birth family, but I like my kids’ birth moms to be surprised by what arrives in the mail to them. I hate for them to see it on my blog first. Just pin the above image for next year!

More birth parent gift ideas from R collection.

Compilation video of items we have sent to birth families.




  1. Nicole says

    Saw this before my package came but let ALL three boys know.. I will be their valentine!! <3 love you!!

    • Lindsey says

      BLAAAAAAST! The Post Office LIED to me about delivery. I will fight them.

      Pretend to be surprised.

      LOVE YOU!!!!!!