I {heart} Michael Phelps.

I am not a great swimmer.

I was on the swim team when I was little and I have a couple medals and trophies (dust my shoulder off), but in all honesty, I am not that great in the water.

Recently however, I have been swimming laps at the gym …with a swim cap. (I spend too much money on all this hair to let the chlorine have its way with it.)

I feel that the silver racing stripe down the middle of the cap makes me swim faster and look more legit.

(Forget that it was a total train wreck trying to get it on for the first time. Thank you Facebook friends for your step-by-step instructions while I was struggling in the locker room. Also, should my ears be covered by the cap? I noticed that some Olympic swimmers have them covered and some don’t …and I want to look the part.) 

It’s awkward though …this huge pool and usually only me and one or two other people in it. I always feel badly for the bored lifeguards and wonder if they are critiquing our swimming form. That said, there is something so awesome about being in an almost empty pool. And those flags? They totally make me feel like I am racing Michael Phelps.

Say what you will about Phelps (“He started out slow in The Games”; “He’s lost his edge”; “Too much hype”; etc.) but I think he is spectacular. After all, he is The Greatest Olympian of All Time. You can’t really get better than that, can you?

My good friend, fellow adoptive mama and disability advocate (soon to be PhD!) Christine Anderson, shared Matt Lauer’s amazing interview with Michael Phelps where he talked about swimming being his outlet for coping with ADHD (totally clears my head too) and the depression he sank into after the last Games.

Watch it. You will fall in love with Phelps all over again.

I actually have totally enjoyed all of Phelps’s interviews–especially the ones with the uncomfortable Andrea Kremer.

One evening she was being especially harassing of Phelps after he swam amazingly in a butterfly qualifying heat. (I could watch him swim fly all the live-long day.)

She basically told him that he was like two different people–one that was hungry for the win and the reserved Phelps we saw at the beginning of The Games. I rolled my eyes. He’s in THE OLYMPICS for crying in the night. She kept badgering him about “which Michael was going to show up” (who really knows how to answer that?) and he said to her,

“My swimming does the talking.”



I dig the Michael Phelps swagger. I love the ego. Yes. Please.

After all, I totally pretend I am him when I am swimmin’ my laps all slow twice a week. Maybe next time I will walk out of the pool, wink at the lifeguard and say, “My swimming does the talking.”


  1. says

    You could totally say that to the lifeguard! I heart Michael Phelps he is the greatest athlete! He has medals to rival small countries. Love you!!

  2. says

    I love swimming too and Phelps is amazing to watch. Sometimes reports seem like they’ve never interacted with real people. For goodness sakes! I need to find myself a racing stripe cap!

    rae gun ramblings

  3. Whitney says

    You rock the swim cap. And you must, must wink and say, “My swimming does the talking” to the lifeguard. I would die of laughter!

  4. says

    I will probably never be inspired to swim. But I have been out running more the last two weeks and I sit on my exercise ball with my little dumbbells while I watch. The Olympics truly are inspiring.

    And I laughed at that interview too. Sometimes those news guys ask some real dumb questions.