How adoption has blessed your life | Wendy


My How Adoption has Blessed Your Life series shares good news happening in the adoption world from all sides of the adoption triad …or just offers a paragraph or two on how the love of adoption is blessing individuals and families. If you’d like to participate, just send me an email. Enjoy!


Today’s Adoption Good News comes from a an adoptive mama named Wendy. You can just tell how in love she is with her daughter and being a mom. Great, uplifting little message today.


 Adoption has blessed our life in so many ways.

We get to see the world through the eyes of our 2 1/2 year old daughter, Zoe. We are so happy that we get to watch her spend time and giggle with her birthmom. We have been so fortunate to get to know her birthmom and her birthmom’s family. Our daughter will always have a connection to them, and for that we are so lucky.

We have an amazing child who makes us smile and laugh every single day with her singing and her silliness. We get to spend time doing all of the things we love together – reading books, taking little trips, playing games – and we get to try new things for the first time. We get to share our story with others and possibly help them make the decision to adopt or at least open their eyes about how amazing adoption can be.

Our life has truly been blessed by adoption.


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