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My How Adoption has Blessed Your Life series shares good news happening in the adoption world from all sides of the adoption triad …or just offers a paragraph or two on how the love of adoption is blessing individuals and families. If you’d like to participate, just send me an email. Enjoy!


Today’s Adoption Good News comes from Kami who is a hopeful adoptive mom. I remember the first time we finished up all the paperwork to adopt (it’s the only adoption we’ve done through an agency) and man-oh-man, nothing quite compares to the relief you feel when you finish all the preliminary paperwork.

Can I get an amen?



Our good news is that we are certified to adopt!

In the three months that we have been certified we have already experienced a lot of ups and downs but we are so excited to be here, doing this, and hope that it will bring a little miracle into our lives soon.





*From the time I just took reading through their blog, it looks like their little miracle really is arriving soon! CONGRATS!


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    Kami went to college with my husband and I over a decade ago. I just heard from her a couple months ago right before her match. She had found me out and sent me an email with adoption questions. Who knew that old college friends would be reunited under these circumstances? Beautiful.