Great Date Night at Taste Culinary Boutique

Mr. R and I believe strongly in date night.

In his years as a marriage therapist, he’s noticed that it’s one of the common threads that most struggling couples don’t do. We try to go out every week.

Recently one of our date nights took us to Taste Culinary Boutique at Gardner Village for a Persian cooking class from Laila, one of the owners who actually is Persian.

I love Middle Eastern food and was excited to not only learn how to cook it myself (you go home with the recipes that you can take notes on during the class), but also where to get some of the unique ingredients. In “ethnic cooking” I think that is one of the hardest parts!

On the Farsi menu:

  • Ashe (Vegetable and Bean Soup). Perfect fall weather food
  • Lavash va Panir (Pictured above). Mr. R’s favorite of the night. So fresh.
  • Zereshk Polo & Pomegranate Chicken (Rice with Currant Berries). Sweet and savory. This dish changed my life.
  • Chelo (Steamed Rice). The fluffiest rice we’ve ever had! The Persians know how to do it right.
  • Tadik (Crispy Rice). A Persian delicacy. Hard to make, but delicious.
  • Pistachio Rose Ice-Cream. Delish! Who knew that roses tasted so good.


Laila was funny, entertaining and well-qualified. She traveled all over Europe learning from the best including Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and a little Italian lady that she shadowed in her own home using an Italian translator and eating straight from her garden. (Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?)

Here are the latest classes that Taste is offering. Remember, not only do you get to watch the demo, you also go home with the recipes, tips AND you get fed dinner. Great date night!

Find Taste Culinary Boutique on Facebook …and bon app├ętit!


*Full Disclaimer: I learned about Taste’s classes at the Bloggers’ Night Out I attended at Gardner Village. I signed Mr. R and I up for this special class (free of charge) that night in exchange for this review.