Last month we had a blast at a Girl’s Night Out (GNO) the night before the Families Supporting Adoption Conference (FSA).

It was a blast. Seriously.

My favorite part was that there was so much chatting and laughter …there is something so great about taking online friendships and moving them into real life (IRL). My heart was touched that we had more birth mothers there than adoptive mothers. I loved that there were connections made with a group of women who placed 15+ years ago and that they were able to bond and share their unique stories.

Another favorite part? The food. Oh me. Oh my! Thanks again to Schmidt’s Pastry Cottage (like them on Facebook!) and if you haven’t checked out Chubby Hubby Cupcakes …you are missing out. The keylime pie cupcake actually has a graham cracker crust! Let’s just say these are Kim’s all-time favorite cupcakes and she is a cupcake snob. Delish.

I have to thank Katelyn and Jessa for being 100% in charge of the centerpieces on the tables, Chanel for making the food look beautiful and Kim for manning the raffle tickets and greeting everyone as they came in. And then there was the incredible army of women who showed up early to just be there and help set up. Fabulous women!

(TEASER: Mark your calendar’s for the next GNO the evening of Wednesday, November 30th. More details to come.) 

The FSA Conference was fun too! Although I didn’t make it to any of the classes, Kim and I got to meet so many of The R House Couture’s customers IRL at our booth. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. We {HEART} that. At the conference we debuted our line of new clothing …and our women’s line sold out in a day. We are thrilled to announce that those cute black (fitted!) I Love Adoption tees we are wearing above are back in stock in the shop for both men and women in all sizes. Enjoy.

T-shirts not your thang? Check out our new, adorable art prints as well.

I swoon.


Full Disclosure: I am co-owner of The R House Couture.





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    Any advice for a 25 year old meeting her birth mother for the first time? Conversation topics? Things we shouldn’t talk about? ANYTHING?!

    I’m meeting her for the first time in LESS THAN a week and I’m kinda starting to freak out.

    Any help you can give me would be awesome.

    LOVE your blog.

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    How did I not know about this GNO?! I would have loved to be there… And I was already up there that night… Dang it!

    Looking forward to the next one!

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    I keep forgetting to write you and say THANK YOU for the beautiful and adorable paper clip bookmarks you all made at GNO for BirthMom Buds. They are awesome and will be a great additon to our care packages for new birthmothers. Thank you for letting us be a part of your night from a far! :)