Giveaway: The Cansolidator from Shelf Reliance

{This giveaway is now closed.}


we went to my parents’ house for christmas.

my parents’ house is spotless. always. even when we were little. even with three toddlers running around like crazy people over the holidays.

spotless, i tell you.

no dust.
no clutter.
no rings in the toilet.
no piles of laundry.

one of these days i must ask my mother how she does it all, but until then i will continue to let the guilt and envy of her clean home inspire me.

i already wrote about my personal new year’s resolutions …but i want to add one more:

be more organized.


it’s a tough one for me, i’m not gonna lie. i am the person that bounces from one unfinished project to the next in my house while a pile/mountain of laundry stacks on my bed like sedimentary rock–dark layers on top of white layers on top of light colored layers on top of a very small red layer. (we don’t wear much red. we are BYU fans.)

even though i don’t want to be, i am more cluttery than my mother. (blast!) and i hate clutter! i hate to have things on the counter. i hate piles. but i have them. (i would add here, “don’t we all?” but seriously, my mom doesn’t.)

for example, here is what my pantry looked like recently:


please note how high the “canned food” section is on the right. it’s stacked high and up too high!
let’s get a closer look. this is what the “can section” of my pantry recently looked like:
you will notice how tall said cans are stacked on top of each other–a la the leaning tower of pisa. if you have more common sense than i did a little bit ago, you are probably making a remark that cans stacked on top of each other like this are very dangerous especially with small children in the house.i went to get a can recently and one of the towers fell down on my toe–falling five feet. very painful. it is here that my common sense started to kick in.

so, i returned that email from Shelf Reliance and told them of my very sore toe and my very sad pantry.

they sent me two Cansolidator Pantry Organizers (one for me, one for you) and i was inspired.

first, i made mr. r put it together for me. (reading directions is not one of my forte’s, but it is one of his.)

it took mere minutes.

then i moved my can section to the bottom self of the pantry (while my sore toe was still throbbing and turning all shades of purple).

you know what’s surprising? over the next few weeks of using the Cansolidator, i was inspired to make the rest of my pantry more workable, more organized.

and this is what my “canned food” section looks like now!

makes this small part of my food storagelook pretty, doesn’t it? i think i need another one, though. (they are 30% off on their website right now!)

i am giving you the chance to make your food storage look pretty too thanks to the good people at Shelf Reliance! (valued at $44.99!)if you would like to enter this giveaway, here is what to do:

  • just leave a comment.
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extra entries available:

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for example, if you are already a follower of my blog you would write in your comment:

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and you would keep doing that for every chance you have to win.

don’t forget to leave your email address so i can contact you should you win. entries will be accepted until thursday, january 13, 2011 at 11:59 PM MST. the winner will be announced on friday on facebook and notified in the email they left in their entry.

you can learn more about Shelf Reliance below. (their blog is REALLY pretty! i love the ribbon looking title banners. swoon!)

full disclosure: i was given a free Cansolidator to review for this post. the opinions are all my own.


  1. Jill says

    Pretty sure I am subscribed to the R House! (hilarious…my word verification has fart in it!!)

  2. Jen says

    I would love a pantry, but since I just have cupboards this would come in mighty handy to keep the cans under control. :) twinsej at gmail dot com

  3. Dustin, Darci, Britton, & Benjamin says

    Your before photo looks better than my pantry AFTER I organize it! Plus, I'm dying to know what the Dunder Mifflin bag in the picture is.

  4. Dustin, Darci, Britton, & Benjamin says

    Your before photo looks better than my pantry AFTER I organize it! Plus, I'm dying to know what the Dunder Mifflin bag in the picture is.

  5. Mark + Tiffany says

    Comment! hehe, but really, I really want this. Please and thank you.

    meglutenfree at gmail dot com

  6. Johnson-n-Johnson says

    I have tried to win this stuff at Time Out For Women, facebook, email.etc…Here's for another try!!!
    brandiannjohnson at yahoo dot com

    I am a facebook fan! I even see their ads on youtube!

  7. cydneej says

    These are great! I am a fan on facebook and follow the blog. email rycydjones@hotmail. XOXO Cyd

  8. wildflowers says

    you have been added to our …blog follow 'list' that is (not 'lost'- forgot to spell check). obviously : ) .


  9. Jocelyn says

    I would LOVE to have a pantry your size! AND, I love the RED kitchen aid! Mine is blue but I really wanted a red one. Oh well, I shall not covet, right?

    BUT, since you are giving a shelf reliance away, I will hope and pray I win it! That's the least I can do. Better start with one and then work up to the half a million I will need.

  10. Nikki says

    Please help! My canned food section is in a tub under my bed!

    I totally subscribe.
    womack.nikki AT gmail DOT com

  11. Kara says

    I love organizing! I would love to win one of these, they look like just what my pantry needs. :)

  12. Youngs says

    i love the website but have been too chicken to order anything! I have your link posted on my blog-we were in the same ward in provo a few yrs ago, when your inspiring journey began :)

  13. Kristin says

    this is one giveaway I would love to win – but I never win the giveaways, so I'm not doing the extra entries

  14. ColleenaMareena says

    Oh, I've wanted one of these for so long! Especially since my "pantry" is not a giant beautiful walk-in thing like you have, but rather a cupboard in my kitchen! :) Thanks for a great giveaway–you are amazing for letting that second one go!

  15. Sandra says

    my pantry needs help! I think this would be a huge step in the right direction… the cans are out of control and roll everywhere. Thanks
    smr1980 @