Giveaway: Hallmark’s Back-to-School Confidence Pack

Aug 26, 2011

As a former elementary school teacher, the start of a new school year is always exciting. There is just something exhilarating about seeing everyone’s first day of school photos pop up in my Facebook feed and all the glorious school supplies on display in the stores.

Yesterday, I took my oldest, Tyson, to meet his preschool teacher and see her adorable classroom. This is it. School is starting for The R House.

I have tried to emotionally prepare myself (Tyson’s birth mom and I plan to weep together on the phone after I drop him off on the first day), but I wonder if I have done enough to emotionally prepare him for this new chapter in his life.

Hallmark must have read my mind and now has wonderful back-to-school confidence boosters to help parents and birth parents not only cope with sending a new little one off to school, but help the student as well.

They have three products that I think do this perfectly.


Hallmark’s Kid Collection Cards

These cards are colorful and adorable. I love the one that says “Not only do I miss you…my refrigerator misses your pictures! Want to color this one and send it back to me? (My fridge will thank you.)” And then you open it up and it is a darling coloring page. I thought this would be especially hilarious for kids moving from elementary school to junior high or even college freshmen from their parents. These cards let kids know that they are loved and thought of…without that sometimes awkward moment of the parent (like me) desperately yelling, “I LOVE YOU!” in front of all the friends while the bus pulls away. Tuck a card like this into a text book or backpack and you are good to go. The Kid Collection covers topics for littler students like being nervous for the first day of school to praising hard work as well as subjects for tweens and teens like peer pressure and making good friend choices. These cards would also be great from any member of a birth family or grandparent.


Hallmark’s New Bite-Sized Lunchbox Notes

These are so adorable, I want to start putting them in Mr. R’s lunches. My mom used to write on the napkin that she tucked into our sack lunches, but these take it to a whole new level. What a fun surprise! It’s little enough so kids can keep it private and quickly read a little note from mom or dad with a little encouragement without being embarrassed of what other kids may think. Great idea!




Hallmark Recordable Storybooks

These books are a long-time favorite in our home. Previously, I had always thought of these books as gifts for kids who have parents that are deployed, grandparents they don’t get to see very often or birth families that want to share in story time. I love the idea of the parents recording their voices on books such as Counting Kisses, All the Ways I Love You and Guess How Much I Love You for kids to pull of their bookshelf and get that reassuring message of love in the voice of their parents.




Generously, Hallmark is offering a Back-to-School Confidence Pack to one lucky reader of The R House that includes the awesome products listed above. They want you and your student to be emotionally ready for this new year!


If you would like to enter this giveaway, here is what to do:

  • Simply leave a comment telling me your favorite part of this back-to-school time of the year or your favorite school supply. (I love pencil boxes!)


If you would like to increase your chances of winning with extra entries, here is what to do:
Leave an additional comment for each extra entry.

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Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at 11:59 PM MST. The winner will be announced on Thursday on Facebook and notified by email.

The winner will have 3 days to accept the prize, after which a new winner will be selected.


Full Disclosure: I was compensated for this post with the products mentioned above. The love I have for them is all my own.


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  1. LOVE the lunch notes. I make those for my kids (and friends) all the time.

  2. Oh… swoon. :) My fave back-to-school gear my kindergartener snatched up: the Justin Bieber backpack. Let’s just be honest, he is a heart throb. And he makes my babies twitterpated. Nothing better.

  3. I want this for my Jr. High age daughter…especially for the Guess How Much I Love You book. I read that to her as a little kid, but she’s starting to get to that age where she is really challenging me and our rules, but I think this would be so perfect to let her know how much I do still love her, challenges and all!

  4. Elizabeth said on August 26, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    I love the smell of a freshly opened box of new pencils! I don’t have a school aged child yet but I still stock up on office supplies. I know the end of summer is near when instead of sniffing coconut oil scented sunblock I start sniffing the pencil boxes!

  5. Elizabeth said on August 26, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    I *liked* you on facebook and posted on your wall!

  6. I used to be a teacher too, so I love all the school supplies! Not sure I have a favorite, but brand new dry erase markers are always awesome.
    All of those products from Hallmark are great. And I’m going to “like” your page on facebook right now :)

  7. I love the idea of the notes and that card is adorable! I also love backpacks and cute folders.

  8. I liked you on facebook and said hi!

  9. I love to buy backpacks and then personalize them for the my child with iron decals. As a teacher I love colored dry erase markers. The giveaway is so precious and could be much needed, since Daddy will be out of state for work most of my son’s kindergarten year.

  10. My baby is starting kindergarten this year and her excitement is my favorite part :)

  11. Christine Marshall said on August 27, 2011 at 9:19 am

    I love back to school, and this is my first year with a child in school. Her school does school supplies different: you pay a fee and they provide the supplies. I was devistated when I found out I wouldn’t be going school supply shopping… it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for years! I might have cried… I don’t remember. :)
    Hope I win. :)

  12. CUTE!! I want!

  13. Wendi McDonald said on August 27, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    I am SO going to buy one of those cards with the coloring page in it! I think I will send it to Samantha. Sure she’s now married and a Senior at Texas A&M but, I think she’ll get a kick out if it!

  14. I have the lunchbox notes! Sometimes I put them in their lunchboxes but sometimes I also leave them at their seats for breakfast. Such a great idea :)

  15. Sharylann said on August 29, 2011 at 9:52 am

    I don’t have a child in school but I do have a husband in school. My favorite part of back to school is that we get back on a regular schedule.

  16. Sharylann said on August 29, 2011 at 9:53 am

    I am a follower of your blog.

  17. The new year doesn’t start in January for me it starts in the fall when school exciting. It’s because I am a constant student then worked on college campus and now teach a few university classes!! LOVE this kit!!

  18. My favorite school supply is crayons. I always find myself picking up the crayon boxes on sale every Fall, trying to justify getting a new set–we have myriad broken, used crayons at home that will still technically do the job. But that perfect, edgy tip of a new crayone! Oh, and all the new color names Crayola comes up with are so fun too.

  19. I write on my kid’s napkins too! I love brand new pencils (freshly sharpened with brand new erasers) and crayons.

  20. I follow your blog. :)

  21. I love book bags and lunch boxes!
    Following you on twitter too

  22. I wrote Mea a note and stuck it in her lunchbox the first day of school. She had to take it to the lunch lady to read it to her. When I picked her up that afternoon, she handed it to me and said, “Momma, someone wrote you this letter.”. The point got a little confused, but I will remember “my” note forever.

  23. Said Hi on Facebook.

  24. Tweeted the link!

  25. I LOVE brand new pencils. Oh and post-it notes to go with them. :)

  26. I said Hello on FB! :) This is such a fun giveaway, thank you!!

  27. LOVE this idea! I do it for my daughter, but they’re not NEARLY as cute as these are!! My favorite school supply is… Elmer’s Rubber Cement – for the smell…. is that bad of me? ;)

  28. I follow you on Twitter and your site! Love you!

  29. I always love picking a new lunch box!

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