Getting Organized with My Job Chart

Aug 14, 2012

We are getting organized around here. 

(Maybe I will make this my New Year’s resolution. What? It’s more than halfway through the year already? How did that happen? You see the need for organization, don’t you?)


I’ve set up jobs for the kids with My Job Chart specific to each kid–including homework for my oldest.

My dudes get to log in to their own account (which they love), see the jobs they need to do in the morning and night and check them off while earn rewards.

They can redeem their rewards for fun things like time alone with dad, movie tickets, making cookies …or towards a specific little something they have had their eye on.

You can also link up their bank account and help them earn money to save! So brilliant.

I personally love that it is easy enough for my little guys to track it. Are you already using this tool? How is it working at your house?

Check out My Job Chart (it’s FREE!) and get organized with me. (I may need some handholding.)


Full Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, opinions and the quest to be more organized are all my own.


  1. We’ve been using My Job Chart for a couple years now. And my kids love it!!! It’s so great! I love that I can personalize the rewards to be privilages, not just stuff. And I love that it’s helping my kids learn the value of a dollar. When they ask for stuff I can easily translate that into points.

    • I love the privileges option too! And I love that you have been doing it for so long. Do your youngest ones like it?

      • I only officially have accounts for my 8 year old and my 4 year old. They both love it. I think the 2 year old is jealous that he doesn’t have his own account. He just doesn’t really have set chores yet. He is such a good helper without a chore list! I’ll probably get him started when he is 3.

        I blogged about it a couple years ago when we started: But unlike you, I wasn’t compensated for my post. The reward of a clean house and happy children is plenty though!

  2. We’ve been using My Job Chart for a couple of years, too! I actually don’t do anything with the rewards. I change the point system into dollar amounts. My kids love to receive actual money from me for doing the chores and then they put it in their piggy banks. We only use My Job Chart in the summertime though. During school it gets too hard with soccer, homework, cub scouts, etc. They still help around the house, but just not as much. :)

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