Gestation Celebration for my Pregnant Infertile Friend

Dear Casey,

Today is my day to love on you in the Gestation Celebration!

I am so glad you are in my life. Thank heavens for Kimmie, the Internet, blogging conferences and your visits to your family for allowing such a friendship.

Me, Casey, Barbara, Kim. Photo courtesy of Shelle of Blok Thoughts.

Today I wanted to say thank you. Thank you first, for being my friend. We had a rocky start, did we not? …and yet, somehow we remained friends! (Meant to be!) Thank you for forgiving me.

Photo courtesy of Barbara of Get Up and Play.

I also have to share that I think you are quite brilliant. Our private tutoring session and consulting session in the Spring of last year quite literally changed my life. You have no idea. I have been on a mission ever since. (But, you know this since I email with you all the time about it. Your patience astounds!)

Photo by me of you looking hardcore.

And? I love you. Watching someone you care about suffer with infertility is a terrible thing. As you engage in their healing and hurt, it acts like a mirror to your own life. I relived my infertility right along with you. I was disgusted with some of the insensitive comments on your blog right along with you–but man, emailing them back and forth to each other was pretty fun even though I cried right along with you.

The truth is, when you want to add to your family so badly and it is out of your control–the pain is poignant no matter what other joys are dancing around you. Hope can be fleeting and infuriating at times, but it is also the only way to wake up and roll out of bed. (Getting dressed still remains optional though.)

I am glad that there was a part of you that never gave up hope. When I got your shocked email that you were expecting, I literally did a happy dance for you in my office chair with an audible SQUEE for good measure! I rejoiced with you. There is something so great about seeing that kind of joy in a friend you have watched get beat up by infertility. I was even more happy for you because I knew how much it hurt to get there.

Yea, I say unto you, my son, that there could be nothing so exquisite and so bitter as were my pains. Yea, and again I say unto you, my son, that on the other hand, there can be nothing so exquisite and sweet as was my joy.

Everywhere in nature we are taught the lessons of patience and waiting. We want things a long time before we get them, and the fact that we want them a long time makes them all the more precious when they come.

~Joseph F. Smith

As an advocate for understanding in infertility, thank you for writing about your journey–your continuing journey. You are still in the Infertility Sisterhood. I don’t care what people say to you. You still belong because, unlike most of the world, you understand the hurt. You are better for it. You have lived the agony. Those scars don’t just go away with a baby bump. Infertility changes you forever. It stays with you forever. I am proud to call you my sister–my Pregnant Infertile Friend.

Casey, Me, Alexis.

Soon you will be welcoming this little Mozzi Lady into the world. May she always know the fight it took to get her into your arms. May she always know that she is the perfect little thing that so many of us cheered for with you.

May she always know that she is a miracle.

This little goodie should be arriving at your home shortly. The onesie, not the baby.

Much, much love,



  1. Barb @ getupandplay says

    What a great post! That was so fun to spend time with you ladies, I wish it could happen more often!

  2. Shelly says

    Congratulations Casey!! I truly believe that suffering from infertility makes us better mothers and even though I have never met you, I am rejoicing and overjoyed that you will have your baby in your arms soon. Thanks Lindsey for sharing=)

  3. jdb in AZ says

    Love the "I am a Miracle" shirt. Any chance of getting it with short sleeves or a larger size? Our miracle grand kid will be born in Virginia the end of July, and the 0-3 mos size with long sleeves just won't work.

  4. moosh in indy. says

    You're just the best.

    I'm so grateful that we were able to come out of that bumpy start if only to share nothing more than the car shopping cart story over tacos.

    I hope you realize how important you are, and how insanely important your voice is to everything you've been through and what women all over the world are going through but left unable to talk about.

    Loved you long time, and I will forever. Admiration too.

    Thank you. A million times over.

    And I love that photo of me smooching your face. That was a fun time.

  5. Whitney says

    Can I be your pregnant infertile friend too? By the way, does educating people on adoption, infertility and correcting ignorant comments about both ever get exhausting for you? I think I just informed my 68-year-old mother (who had 7 children) on exactly how one gets pregnant or does not get pregnant. She was shocked, amazed, and a little confused. God bless Mrs. R.

  6. designHER Momma says

    Ah! This post made me all teary. Thank you so much for being a part of the celebration.

    (and also, I hope someday we get a chance to meet, since I've heard so many nice things about you)


  7. Untypically Jia says

    Can I just say a thousand dittos and a big amen to this? I cannot wait to start attending blog conferences just so I can finally meet that spunky girl.

    We almost met up once but were completely derailed due to poor weather. Boo.

  8. SarahJane says

    and this is why I love you Lindsey-LOU. Thank you a million times for the strong woman that you are….and thank goodness you use your gifts for good ;)