FREE Utah Infertility Awareness Fall Event

Struggling with Infertility? Come and be supported.

It’s an easy-going night that will be sure to have lots of laughs and “AH-HA” moments.

Mr. R and I had the privilege of speaking last year and loved it. Reserve your seat now and we will see you there.


 Thursday, October 11, 2012

7-8:30 in the evening

Sandy Library

10100 Petunia Way



  1. Inkling says

    That is such a great idea! I wish every area had something like this!

    Thank you for your advice in the email about the dude who was against fertility treatments. It sounds like more than just me thought his thinking was dangerous and hurtful. But after reading those comments, I simply removed all bookmarks and history of his site from my computer. When traveling a journey such as mine, you are right, one doesn’t need that kind of voice chiming in.

    Thank YOU for being a voice for families everywhere dealing with infertility, considering adoption, and just trying to get through life when it throws you an unexpected curve ball. You’re the best!