Floor to ceiling gratitude tree

Nov 14, 2013

Need a fun project to do with your family this month?

How about a floor to ceiling gratitude tree made from wrapping paper, paper grocery bags and scrapbook paper?


I took pieces of kraft wrapping paper and rolled, crumpled and twisted them together with pieces of brown grocery paper bags that I cut apart. This made the trunk and branches. I just attached it to the wall using foam tape for walls.

And then the fun part: I took scrap pieces of scrapbook paper (I have a box full of them #hoarderprobs), cut out leaves and let my kids write things they were grateful for. We got everything from “Jesus” to “Dad’s iPad” to “And Pupes!!!!!” …puppies that is.


I personally wrote down each of my kids’ birthparents …they’ve changed and continue to change my life for the good, all 6 of them. Love them so much.



There is something so powerful about the power of gratitude. It’s kind of addicting! We just keep adding and adding leaves to our tree and hope to have it all full by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

“And Pupes!!!!!”





  1. LOVE this!

  2. AND PUPES! I’m dying. This is a great idea!

  3. I think this is something I could have up all year round, super cute!

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