easy thomas the train birthday party (like, super easy)

Sep 29, 2010

when i say easy, i mean REALLY easy. it had to be.

a couple days before gavin turned 2, i have some nasty surgery. however, i still wanted his second birthday to be a special memory for him. for all of us. there was a time when we didn’t think that he would still be with us. (insert yet another giant sigh of relief.)

the day before surgery, i sat at the kitchen table during nap time with my tivo line-up, a thomas the train sticker book, some printed off 2′s, streamers and sewing thread. i grabbed primary colored card stock from my supply closet and my circle and scallop punches. this is what happened with tim gunn’s famous, “make it work” ringing in my ears:

you know how i feel about a decorated chandelier.
(oh you don’t? check it out here and here.)

that’s really all the prep work i did other than a trip to the grocery store and the party supply place. almost a week before gavin’s birthday, we were all ready to go. that never happens. lol. i would like to thank my surgeon for helping me not procrastinate.

tyson showing me how the lights flash.

the r house waiting for the train.

since gavin’s birthday fell on a sunday this year, we celebrated in grand (post-surgery) style the day before taking the boys on a commuter train, The FrontRunner.

the boys wore their train hats and about halfway through the ride, i pulled out those ridiculous, cheap-o character themed marble maze games. tyson beat it in a matter of minutes. he is a freak like that.

The Front Runner was perfect–relaxing, mellow, fun and easy for this sore mama. best of all, it was only $12 for us to ride round trip! later we met matt and jules and my auntie and uncle downtown for hamburgers and rootbeer floats. (which sounds incredibly good right now!) the boys loved it.

these darling, train-loving boys of mine …i can’t get enough.

the morning of gavin’s birthday, the boys and i worked on gavin’s cake. to be honest, i wasn’t really feeling cake …so i made brownies instead and put a train track on the top. while i was constructing the train track, i gave the boys kit kats and black licorice and let them do a little construction too.

i thought the “cake” was cute.
and kid approved.
and delicious.
and easy.

my mom/auntie’s super brownie recipe is ah-mazing. there is something about the excessive use of butter, the marshmallows and the not-too-chocolately-chocolate that gets me every time. for the train tracks, i laid the kit kats down and put the black licorice over them. then i used the (cleaned!) thomas the train tubby toys that kenna sent me last year for the cake toppers. just fyi: use tubby toys and not real toy trains with axles. chocolate gets stuck in the axles and is really hard to clean out. the tubby toys are made to be washed. just a little tid bit of helpful info for you. take it from someone who knows as demonstrated HERE.

we had Italian for dinner (gav’s favorite), blew out the candles and opened presents with some aunts and uncles and cousins. both of my ninos were in heaven.

“choo choo, gavin is 2!”


  1. Maybe it's the lack of nap time in our house, but my birthday's (even the easy ones!) never turn out this cute!!! Great job!

  2. I think it says a lot about your house cleaning skills to take a photograph that close to your chandelier. I would never do that. And publish it. Online. For the world to see and judge me. Frankly, I'm a little scared to eat under it every night. I am certain I have more than dust bunnies on mine. I have blood sucking dust rabbits. Like the kind from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. While I am impressed at your themed, cute, and very-put-together party, I must admit I stand in awe at your chandelier.

  3. the pic of tyson with his chin on the table – he looks so much like nicole in that one!

    the pic of gav with his lips all puckered up saying chooo – most darlingest pic ever, you should submit it for some sort of contest.

  4. Happy birthday, little Gav! (Can we pause and take a moment to talk about his faux-hawk? I LOVE it!!). Also, I want your pretty, long brown, gorgeous hair. Amen.

    And the themed party looks like it was a total hit. You are an awesome momma, girl! I hope to be like you some day.

  5. So cute! I loved the pictures of Gavin saying "choo" while driving the trains. Also, the track out of licorice and kit kats is pure brilliant-ness.

  6. So cute! I loved the pictures of Gavin saying "choo" while driving the trains. Also, the track out of licorice and kit kats is pure brilliant-ness.

  7. awh!!!!

  8. We really miss you guys so much.

  9. Indeed. I hate that I only get to watch them grow through pics and blogs :( Can't wait till November!!!

  10. harriet glynn said on September 30, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    Your dudes are SO CUTE!!!! I am dieing!

  11. Where did you get the cute hats? I need two of those :)

  12. online golf flash games said on October 6, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Maybe it's the lack of nap time in our house, but my birthday's (even the easy ones!) never turn out this cute!!! Great job!

  13. Lindz..
    I love you so much. I wish we lived closer. Next time you have a party let me know and Liv and I will come. Rach

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