DIY Pasta Containers from Pringles Cans

When you buy pasta in bulk, you always seem to have a ton of open pasta bags in your pantry.

It drives me crazy …mostly because my kids see the noodles in the pantry while digging for fruit snacks and then they like to pretend the noodles are mini light sabers and the broken pieces end up all over my house. (Seriously?)

Important discovery: Pringles cans are the same size as spaghetti noodles.

(Thank you to my inspiration for this project!)

I know, I know. It seems ridiculous, but I am loving them. Easy, cheap, pretty and functional.


Here’s how to make your own pasta container from a Pringles Can:

  1. Eat an entire can of Pringles in one sitting all by yourself Empty the Pringles can.
  2. Select some happy scrapbook paper that you won’t mind looking at everyday in your pantry.
  3. Measure and trim paper to fit can.
  4. Using adhesive, secure the paper around the can.
  5. Run a piece of clear tape along the seam of the paper.
  6. Fill can with pasta.
  7. Enjoy less broken pasta on your kitchen floor. (We have had zero light saber incidents since.)


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    • Lindsey says

      It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? It will take you like 5 minutes …and no more pasta noodles all over the floor!