DIY Homework Station for Kids

My youngest son just started kindergarten …and that means homework.

Clearly we need a new fun and functional work station to continue to make learning magical. I was inspired by something along these lines found on display at IKEA.

A homework station with places for all the materials that a budding young academic could ever ask for was just the thing!

We headed to IKEA for materials.

I attended SNAP!’s Blogger Mixer where Ikea, Draper pampered us and our little ones with free breakfast, a sneak peek at their new catalog and a $25 shopping spree.

What did I get? A wooden lazy susan ($7.99), 6 small plant pots ($0.79/ea) and 1 large plant pot ($0.99). Ikea made my homework station happen for $13.72 …plus 7 screws and a can of spray paint and sealer that I already had at my house.


How to make a homework station for kids:


1.  Lightly sand lazy susan and wipe away dust.

2.  Spray paint lazy susan.

3.  Seal paint job.

4.  Place planter pots however you’d like them arranged. (I put the large pot in the center and the 6 small pots surrounding it.)

5.  Drive a screw through the middle of each pot.

6.  Fill with school supplies.

I love the pop of color it adds while it puts the “fun” in function. (Oh yes, I just said that.)

Happy back to school, everyone!


  1. says

    What a great idea! I wonder if my desk is big enough to do something like that. I do already have several baskets and cups on my desk holding all my pens and markers. Because even adults need some color and fun when doing homework.

  2. Angela says

    This is the most fun little project in the world yet it just makes me even more mad that there is no IKEA near me…I just checked for a similar lazy susan, and it is twice as much as the IKEA one! Aack! Love the idea, though.

  3. says

    And here I sit in front of my little screen thinking, “Ha! I am not there yet.” Then I smell a poopy diaper. :) Very cute!