Decorating with White Walls: Red Table Re-do

I have been on a mission to turn this house into a home.

We live in a rental home with white, white walls. Being someone who loves color, this is very difficult for me, but with the help of my Style Idol, Sara, I have come up with some ways to add a lot of color to my home without ever painting the walls. In the next few days, I will be sharing just how I did that in case you are stuck in white walls too.

I told you of my thrifting trips with my Style Idol, Sara, while we were visiting Northern California a couple months ago. One day she went without me, but texted me a photo of the above red table (great lines, right?) for $15 and asked if I wanted it. Needless to say, it made the road trip home with us.

I liked the red color–not too bright, but not too orangey/brick red either. However, it had that “I just got spray painted!” too perfect feel for me. I decided to lighten it up a bit and sand the edges–which highlighted its great lines. I also added new hardware from Anthropologie. It gives it a whole new feel, I think.

I put this piece in my kitchen in a central location. It has a basket for the mail, an old phone (so my children will know what they are! I love it when Gavin calls me from the kitchen while I am sitting on the couch just to tell me about his toys) and our Warm Fuzzy Jar (which I will post about tomorrow). The top drawer is for the kids to put whatever they’d like in it (books and toys mostly) and the bottom doors open to a basket where we will keep our winter hats and gloves.

I am loving how it turned out–beautiful, colorful and functional.


  1. C says

    Awesome & thinking maybe I need a style idol, I mean, when I become rich and famous. LOL! But for $15.00 plus the knobs, it looks, HOT! Love the old phone. I need to see the rest of the house to get a feel of your “style” lol.

  2. Angela says

    LOVE it. Seriously – I think the table is perfect, the accessories are terrific, it is a fun little station. And my kids have always loved having “their” drawer in any piece of furniture. :> I am going to offer a suggestion that you should just dismiss if you don’t like it – because I have a funky wall just like that with light switches and a thermostat similarly placed. I made an easy-peasy clothespin wreath and hung it around the switchplate (my wreath is not nearly as cool as this tutorial, but here’s my example: At Christmas I clip up the cards, but the rest of the year I clip up postcards, photos of grandparents and friends, any interesting mail we get, etc. It’s fun, colorful, and gives that weird wall space some oomph. Have fun with all your decorating!

  3. says

    LOVE IT! I wish I lived closer to a thrift store (and had an ounce of talent as well . . . but that’s beside the point . . . ) Another way to add color to your walls without damaging them is vinyl! I have done several pieces for customers in the same situation you are in–stripes, polka dots, trees, colorful lettering, etc. The possibilities are endless!!!! (And I know someone that can give you a smashing deal if you’re interested (*wink *wink)