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Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, opinions expressed are all my own.


I find decorating to be overwhelming.

Part of that is because I just recently found my style–a mix of the traditional and eclectic with a passion for color and sentiment, peppered with the industrial. Mostly, I just like the things I like and they don’t always match.

There are two areas in my house (areas are all I can handle, entire rooms are way too much crazy for me) that Create-ologie helped me work on.


Bedroom Corner Nook

As I said before, I am a sentimental person. I saw this gold/mustard/greenish chair at a yard sale and knew I needed it. It is exactly like the ones my mom’s parents have in their formal living room. When I put it into our bedroom, my husband looked at it and said, “That thing is BUTT ugly.” Well, okay then. The corner clearly needed some love.

Bedroom Nook with Gold Chair

Create-ologie helped me beautify this little nook in our bedroom with their Memo Board with Clips and Metal Round Table. The Memo Board holds some of my favorite Instagram photos of our family and the adventures we’ve been on.

Display your Instagram Photos

How to display Instagram Photos

^^^ I love that the photos just clip in so I can change them out as quickly as I take them.

 The metal table was the perfect size for this space.

Round Metal Table from Create-ologie

Just enough room to fit my family’s theme while I was growing up, faux flowers in milk glass that Evonne brought me when we celebrated Jackson’s adoption and a jewelry box with a necklace from my dad’s mom. My little treasures!


Family Room Ottoman

We live in our family room. Most of the time this is how we roll:

No more monkeys jumping on the couch

The issue is that there are a bunch of controllers, remote controls, books and magazines that live in this space with us. Without a place to contain them, they get lost (we once lost that TV remote for 3 weeks and lived to tell about it!), eaten (I have a 9 month old), jumped on and otherwise destroyed.

Create-ologie introduced me to their fabulous Wooden Tray in Green to help with my family room organizational needs. When the kids are active (about half of the day) and we are not entertaining, the tray goes up on the side of the couch–far out of reach and out of the way.

The R House Family Room

But when we have people over or the kids are asleep, we get a little crazy and move the tray down to the ottoman.

Wooden Tray in Green

Remote Control Organization

Distressed Wooden Tray

It really is beautiful. And I love how it matches my weathered wood art on my wall …without being too matchy-matchy.



What else does Create-ologie have to offer?

Only the coolest decor and organization items around. Here are a few more of my favorites.

Create-ologie Collage

Browse Create-ologie’s shop and be inspired to create or update a beautiful space in your home.

 Thanks for your help, Create-ologie!



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    I love your style. the instagram display is a must buy for me, so lovely.

    I am so happy you used the milk glass vase….and used way pretty flowers, that were not red, white, and blue. :)