Cornbelly’s | Autumn Amusement Park

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The ultimate autumn amusement park for the whole family.

“Hey, do you want to go to a pumpkin patch and corn maze on Friday?” I asked my husband.

“Sure! Let’s plan on just a couple of hours; I don’t think the boys will last that long,” he replied.


WRONG! We were wrong. We were dead wrong! I thought Cornbelly’s was going to be just another pumpkin patch (we’ve been to sooo many), but I was shocked when we walked in. It is so much more! Mind blown. We had planned for about 2 hours, but ended up staying for over 5 with tons left to do and see.

I was kind of overwhelmed at everything that the kids could do–the corn maze (although a huge attraction!) is just a small part of the excitement.


Cornbelly's Rock Climbing Wall

Tyson killed it on the rock climbing wall.


Cornbelly's Pumpkin Bowling

Pumpkin bowling (or cheating in our case).


Cornbelly's INSANE Slide

We spent A LOT of time on this slide. I believe the expressions on their faces tell you why.


Cornbelly's Utah Playground

There is a ton of playground equipment for littles of all sizes to enjoy–even our 11 month old!


Cornbelly's Utah Jumping Pillow

Giant jumping pillow, anyone?


If you need us we're busy getting lost in a giant BYU corn maze (maize? --> get it?)  #cornbellys
We spent a good amount of time getting lost in the giant corn maze. The maze theme is BYU vs. Utah this year.


Cornbelly's Utah Corn Maze

We did finally make it to victory bridge at the end of the maze!


So much more than a maze and pumpkins. I had nooooo idea. We planned for 2 hours and ended up staying for over 5 with tons left to do. It's like an autumn amusement park for the whole fam! WE LOVED IT. Thanks for having us, #Cornbellys!
They also have a variety of wagon rides, pig races, 4-wheeler bikes for the whole family, a giant corn pit to play in (like a sand box), mini mazes for the kids, rubber ducky racing, an entire princess playland (which I looked at longingly but couldn’t convince anyone to go in with me) …and so much more. Way more than just a pumpkin patch and a corn maze like we initially thought.

I want you to take your family and enjoy the festivities as well. It’s basically an autumn amusement park for the whole family. Check out more of the fun on Cornbelly’s Facebook page.

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Cornbelly’s ROCKS!

Cornbelly's Rocks






  1. says

    WOW! that’s the most impressive pumpkin patch I’ve ever seen! My middle child was looking over my shoulder and wants to go SO bad!! (to bad its so far for us )

  2. Heather says

    We love Cornbelly’s. My kids beg me to go every year. Winning passes would be awesome since the budget is tight this year. Dang government shutting down. And I’d definitely be on the Y side of the BYU vs Utah maze.

  3. Mary says

    Macy has seen the pictures of your boys having the time of their lives, so now we MUST go! Thanks for the intel– looks like a great place to spend a day!

  4. Maren King says

    WE LOVE THIS PLACE!! The pillows are my absolute fav! Would love to win a free trip there :D Your family pics are adorable as usual!

  5. says

    Cornbelly’s sounds like so much fun, I love your pictures. Your kids’ faces say it all!! I’d love to win the tickets to take my family there as well!