Do It Heartily | More Heart

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“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily…” -Colossians 3:23  Our family theme for 2014 is MORE HEART. We’re trying to love more and seek more of the good in life …even if when life gets tough. That said, in January of 2012 a film crew for Time Out For Women came to my home to ask… [Read More]

Our Saipan Miracle | A Guest Post

Hokie Family The Girls

This is a story that I’ve been wanting to share for over a year. Let me introduce you to the Hokie Family! Their story is told by Heather, the mom of this wonderful family. Not only are her experiences totally unique but her writing is absolutely beautiful. You, my friends, are in for a treat… [Read More]

Celebrating Baby Jack Jack

Baby Jack Jack

This weekend we are celebrating this “little” man. Joined with loved ones, we are honoring his birth family, his adoption finalization and sealing into our family. We are living the dream over here. If you are looking for me, I am the one with a perma-grin. Happy Weekend, y’all! XOXO    

Matching Monday | Seeing the Potential of Kids in Foster Care

  What are Matching Mondays? Just about every Monday, I feature children who are waiting to be adopted through the foster care program. Each child has been approved by the heart galleries that host them to appear on my blog. Not every heart gallery from every state has given us permission to post their waiting… [Read More]