Cornbelly’s | Autumn Amusement Park

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The ultimate autumn amusement park for the whole family.

“Hey, do you want to go to a pumpkin patch and corn maze on Friday?” I asked my husband.

“Sure! Let’s plan on just a couple of hours; I don’t think the boys will last that long,” he replied.


WRONG! We were wrong. We were dead wrong! I thought Cornbelly’s was going to be just another pumpkin patch (we’ve been to sooo many), but I was shocked when we walked in. It is so much more! Mind blown. We had planned for about 2 hours, but ended up staying for over 5 with tons left to do and see.

I was kind of overwhelmed at everything that the kids could do–the corn maze (although a huge attraction!) is just a small part of the excitement.


Cornbelly's Rock Climbing Wall

Tyson killed it on the rock climbing wall.


Cornbelly's Pumpkin Bowling

Pumpkin bowling (or cheating in our case).


Cornbelly's INSANE Slide

We spent A LOT of time on this slide. I believe the expressions on their faces tell you why.


Cornbelly's Utah Playground

There is a ton of playground equipment for littles of all sizes to enjoy–even our 11 month old!


Cornbelly's Utah Jumping Pillow

Giant jumping pillow, anyone?


If you need us we're busy getting lost in a giant BYU corn maze (maize? --> get it?)  #cornbellys
We spent a good amount of time getting lost in the giant corn maze. The maze theme is BYU vs. Utah this year.


Cornbelly's Utah Corn Maze

We did finally make it to victory bridge at the end of the maze!


So much more than a maze and pumpkins. I had nooooo idea. We planned for 2 hours and ended up staying for over 5 with tons left to do. It's like an autumn amusement park for the whole fam! WE LOVED IT. Thanks for having us, #Cornbellys!
They also have a variety of wagon rides, pig races, 4-wheeler bikes for the whole family, a giant corn pit to play in (like a sand box), mini mazes for the kids, rubber ducky racing, an entire princess playland (which I looked at longingly but couldn’t convince anyone to go in with me) …and so much more. Way more than just a pumpkin patch and a corn maze like we initially thought.

I want you to take your family and enjoy the festivities as well. It’s basically an autumn amusement park for the whole family. Check out more of the fun on Cornbelly’s Facebook page.

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Cornbelly’s ROCKS!

Cornbelly's Rocks





Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

My oldest is in first grade!

I can't decide if I am more proud of him for being in first grade or because he picked out the coolest lunch box ever. #avengers #proudmom
(We go to year round school over here.) He started a  couple weeks ago and so did my lunch making skills. My mom made my lunch every day from first grade to twelfth and I was kind of giddy about continuing that tradition.

As it turns out, you can get REALLY creative with these little lunch boxes!

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

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I want to point out that I made all these lunches without any special equipment or containers.

We don’t have fancy lunch boxes but we do have a lot of plastic reusable containers that usually have left overs in them (including the sandwich shaped one that you can get anywhere for about $1), silicone cupcake liners (holding fruit and veggies should be their only purpose, they are terrible for actual cupcakes), a melon baller and a handful of cookie cutters.

The Internet is replete with lunches for kids that look like they require special equipment. Not here, friends. And please know that every lunch that leaves R House does NOT look like this.

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

Reach For the Stars Lunch

  • The note and character is taped onto the top of the lunch box.
  • The sandwich container has 4 silicone cupcake liners in it with balled watermelon, roma tomatoes, cheddar cheese stars and apple stars. Those were cut with a cookie cutter. YOU GUYS! That is a ton of fun. I may even start eating my own food that way.
  • Sandwich cut with a cookie cutter as well.
  • Laffy Taffy – I love that these have first grader style jokes on the inside that he reads to his friends around that table. Perfect for little readers!


Three Things I Love About You Lunch

  • Note written on the banana peel itself. You spin it around to read the 3 things.
  • After you cut out the stem of strawberries, they make a natural heart shape. Perfect for this love note themed lunch box.
  • Wooden skewer with alternating mozzarella cheese and watermelon. (The cheese is just a string cheese stick cut up.)
  • Sandwich cut like a 3 on top of blue berries.


Monster Lunch

  • Throwing in something like a silly straw always makes lunch more fun.
  • Small container with pretzel sticks, mozzarella cheese chunks, grapes and cheddar cheese stars.
  • Monster Sammie: Crazy hair and arms made with carrot slices, eyes are half a grape and a blueberry, mouth is a red bell pepper.


I tell you what, I had WAY too much fun with these. Smith’s Food and Drug wants you to have fun creating school lunches for your littles that are totally trade worthy …although if Tyson dared trade one of these fancy lunches he would be in serious trouble. ;)

Smith’s Food and Drug is giving away a $25 gift card to one of my readers.

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Good luck, Everyone!




Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, but the opinions expressed are all my own.


I Support Hands Free Purse-ing | A Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post and I am a Sage & Harper affiliate. Opinions expressed are all my own.


So, I have three boys with big personalities.

Big mischievous personalities. Most of the time, they require an “all hands on deck” style of parenting.

When we are out and about, I cannot be be tied down with any extra things. I need both hands. This is why I support Hands Free Purse-ing. I need an across-the-body bag so that my hands can be free to keep my little entourage safe and sound and entertained. Over the shoulder bags simply will not do as it inevitably will slide off my shoulder when I bend down to pick up one of my kids and smack them in the face. I know you feel me on this!

Sage & Harper has the coolest, most comfortable bags for Hands Free Purse-ing enthusiasts like you and me.

Sage & Harper Bags

Hip, soft, cozy and FULL OF POCKETS–three exterior and SEVEN (!!) interior.

This is a little personal for me, but here’s the inside of my purse (pretend for a minute that there aren’t 6 lbs of receipts shoved into my bursting at the seams wallet). Not pictured: The bottom layer of business cards and crumbs.

Sage & Harper Bag. FTW.
Moms, it’s large enough to fit your caffeinated beverage, bottle, wallet (*AHEM* however large it may be), snacks, Luke Skywalker and even a large bottle of sunscreen. Shockingly, there’s still tons of room left over.

Sage & Harper Bag. FTW.
^^^ I love a big outside pocket that is next to the body to shove my phone in–also notebook for all my harebrained ideas and no less than 3 lip balms/glosses.

Sage & Harper Bag. FTW.
^^^ The adorable front of this bag also has large pockets that I admittedly do not utilize. Let’s be honest, I shove my keys in my bag without any rhyme or reason which is why I have to spend 15 minutes looking for them before we can get in the car. These front pockets are for organized moms = not me.

Sage & Harper Bag. FTW.
^^^ Not in Mom Mode? It’s a great bag for bloggers as well. Large enough to fit your DSLR and lenses!


In my opinion, it’s the perfect bag for BUSY moms and/or bloggers and/or mommy bloggers …and I know you are one busy lady!

I am giving away a matching Sage & Harper bag to this one that I love so dearly.
Because I love it so much (^^^ just look at how gingerly I am holding this beautiful, beloved bag), I am giving one away AND offering a 20% off code. (Look for the code at the end of the post.)

I am giving away the bag pictured below. The giveaway will be hosted via Raffflecopter. Use the widget below to enter.

Sage & Harper Messenger Bag

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