The one about my dad.

Lindsey Redfern and Dad

On Mother’s Day, I was lucky enough to have both my father and my father-in-law visiting. We all went to church together. As is the custom in our ward (congregation) on Mother’s Day, all the women ages 12 and up gather together for a meeting and are spoiled with served fruit, beverages, and pastries. This… [Read More]

1 year old cake photoshoot

Jackson's Birthday003 Web

My baby is one today.¬† Jackson, just a few hours old.   It’s hard to believe and yet, it’s like he has always been in our family. We call him the Baby King and he fills our home with joy and laughter and mischief. He is the apple of his older brothers’ eye. Never have… [Read More]

Date Night Rules

Date Night Rules

This is my love. Photo courtesy of the Fun, Cheap for Free Queen, Jordan. Side note: How short am I?   We still hang out. Just about every night. More importantly, we still date. Every week. Sometimes it is dinner:   Maybe a movie: (I have to tell you that one of the best discoveries… [Read More]

Wedding Week Hangover

The Extended Redfern Family

My sister-in-law, Bree got married on Saturday. And friends, it was a lot of work. I am so tired …still. I don’t drink but I totally have a hard work, emotional, super busy, fun hangover. I am missing my in-laws who swarmed in from the East for the event… Can I share some photos with… [Read More]

A mom of boys.

Mom of Boys

My children are living, breathing real-life Dennis the Menaces. Exhibit A for your consideration:   Here’s the fort they built (over the baby bouncer) as they took cover.   I’ve discovered that I get way less upset if I take photos of their shenanigans …and that’s why I have over 2K photos on my phone…. [Read More]