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1 year old cake photoshoot

Nov 12, 2013

My baby is one today. 

Newborn Baby Jackson, Kim Orlandini Photography

Jackson, just a few hours old.


It’s hard to believe and yet, it’s like he has always been in our family. We call him the Baby King and he fills our home with joy and laughter and mischief. He is the apple of his older brothers’ eye. Never have two older brothers been more infatuated with their baby.

Birthdays are a big deal at this house. It’s a special day for my kids and their birth moms. It’s THEIR special day together. If you’d like to read a heart-wrenching and heart-warming account of the day Jackson was born, please check out the post that was featured on Portrait of Adoption and The Huffington Post entitled Our Jackson.

Before all the birthday pressure and expectations and presents, I hired Kim Orlandini Photography to come over yesterday for a quick 20 minute session of Jack Jack and a birthday cake.

The shoot was just in my kitchen using extra large bulletin board paper that you can get for $0.60/yard at the party supply store. We taped it with masking tape to the floor and wall and then put the baby and the cake together. Kim worked her magic and Jack took his cake eating very seriously. (You don’t get chub like that with any other kind of attitude.) After the cake throwing eating was complete, we just rolled the paper up and threw it out. Easiest clean-up!


Jackson's Birthday001 Web


Jackson's Birthday003 Web


Jackson's Birthday010 Web


Jackson's Birthday011 Web


Jackson's Birthday012 Web


Jackson's Birthday013 Web


Jackson's Birthday017 Web


Jackson's Birthday021 Web


Jackson's Birthday025 Web


Jackson's Birthday027 Web


Jackson's Birthday028 Web



So happy birthday to The Baby King.

And hugs and prayers and peace to his beautiful birth mother. We love you! 



Date Night Rules

Sep 18, 2013

This is my love.

Booty Slap - 640

Photo courtesy of the Fun, Cheap for Free Queen, Jordan.

Side note: How short am I?


We still hang out. Just about every night. More importantly, we still date. Every week.

Sometimes it is dinner:

Same side of the bench. #datenight

Maybe a movie:

Kettle corn. Star Trek. Date night. Yessssssss.
(I have to tell you that one of the best discoveries of my adult life has been that the movie theater at my house has kettle corn. It’s like a secret menu!)


Sometimes it’s hanging out with the food trucks downtown:

A hysterical string of events led us to discover #granaryrow last night. Live music, #umoca collections, awesome sunset, incredible meal from #littlebluebistro. And although the dessert course was lacking (had to go to Gourmandise for that), we will be ba

We love to check out local events happening in our community:

Such a fun date night tonight checking out #slcparadeofhomes. Love pretending we lived in each one. LOL Saturday the 17th is the last day!

Or we head to the water park and I risk my life on water slides:

Guess who got a sitter and hung out at the water park all night... these guys. And guess who is a total chicken on water slides... this girl. #ilikeliving #datenight

Basically, we just like to party like it is 1999!


Sometimes we just have a date night in with very specific rules (because I can get easily distracted).

Don’t miss the research at the bottom of the list on WHY date night rules!

Date Night Rules

  • No phones, iPads or computers.
  • So, obviously no social media.
  • No chores, doing dishes or cleaning up.
  • Which means take out for dinner.
  • Wait until the kids are sound asleep. One of us will put all the kids to bed while the other grabs dinner.
  • Been a long day and the whole fam needs take out? Pick up a little something extra for your date, like chips and dip or fancy desserts. Something that can be kept in the fridge until after the littles are in bed.
  • Snuggling is required if watching a movie.


Not into movies? Don’t have a sitter? Need to save a little cash? The Dating Divas have an awesome list of Stay-at-home Date Nights.


Don’t forget to date each other! It’s fun and it is important? Need a little research on why dating is still important?

The National Marriage Project (INCREDIBLE RESEARCH!) at the University of Virginia

Can date-night deals save your marriage? from The Washington Post

Date Nights Improve Marriage, Better Your Sex Life from The Inquisitr

Date Nights: They Make Your Marriage Work from Huffington Post

‘Date night’can improve marriage, sexual satisfaction from USA Today



The most wonderful time of the year.

Sep 3, 2013

Are all the kiddos back in school today? I think so!

My pre-schooler goes to meet his teacher today, but my first grader has been in school for over a month (he’s in year round school).

My little niece started today too …much to my nephew’s horror!

It's hard to be small when Big Sis goes to school.

^^^Funniest picture ever, am I right? “Don’t leave me here alone, Big Sis!” Thanks for letting us use it, Taryn!


My cute mom started today too–she’s a kindergarten aide at the same school my darling niece goes to. What a lucky ladies to have each other.

Speaking of my mother, around this time of year when my mom’s 4 kids were going back to school, she could be found singing, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Here’s her inspiration–don’t be surprised if you start humming it around your house too…

Happy New School Year, Moms. I hope you are doing something to celebrate or drown your they-are-getting-too-old sorrows!


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