Free Family Event | Utah’s Ultimate Athlete

My SIL and her husband own a really cool gym in American Fork called Velocity Sports Performance

We had the most amazing and competitive “rehearsal dinner” there the night before she got married. You guys. So fun. I cannot express that enough. (Email me if you want to do it for your wedding. I can hook you up.)

Utah's Ultimate Athlete

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 29th), Velocity is hosting Utah’s Ultimate Athlete  and I just entered my family as a team. It’s obvious that I am the most athletic person both in my family and in Utah. I’ve always had this athletic prowess …ever since I was little. I mean, just look at this form:

Bad Dance Photos |

Me. 10 years old. Nailing it. 


Further proof: My first soccer team was named the Blue Unicorns. I came up with the name and then somehow convinced the rest of the team to allow it. I think it was the bowl hair cut that I had at the time. Unicorns though? It does not get much more athletic than that. 

All those NFL players and BYU superstars that will be there on Saturday better watch out. Blue Unicorn Alum comin’ at ya!

Seriously though. This is a competition for you super intense competitive folks (like me) as well as families. My very pregnant SIL is even joining in the festivities.



And just because he is adorable and will hate me for posting this, here’s my bro-in-law dancing on the news! HA! (Aaron, you will never live this down. It will be reenacted at every family dinner.)



It is going to be so much fun!

Bring your family. Great prizes. Activities for kids. Raffle. Velocity trial memberships. Your children can get their wiggles out. (The #1 thing I look for in a family activity.)

OH AND THIS: It’s free.

Utah's Ultimate Athlete | AMP Athletics |


And you can support an amazing organization. Learn more about AMP Athletics.


See you tomorrow!



Floor to ceiling gratitude tree

Need a fun project to do with your family this month?

How about a floor to ceiling gratitude tree made from wrapping paper, paper grocery bags and scrapbook paper?


I took pieces of kraft wrapping paper and rolled, crumpled and twisted them together with pieces of brown grocery paper bags that I cut apart. This made the trunk and branches. I just attached it to the wall using foam tape for walls.

And then the fun part: I took scrap pieces of scrapbook paper (I have a box full of them #hoarderprobs), cut out leaves and let my kids write things they were grateful for. We got everything from “Jesus” to “Dad’s iPad” to “And Pupes!!!!!” …puppies that is.


I personally wrote down each of my kids’ birthparents …they’ve changed and continue to change my life for the good, all 6 of them. Love them so much.



There is something so powerful about the power of gratitude. It’s kind of addicting! We just keep adding and adding leaves to our tree and hope to have it all full by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

“And Pupes!!!!!”




Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas

Disclaimer: This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Cottonelle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CottonelleTarget



Last week, my boys threw a cousin Halloween party.

They only have one cousin that lives close to us and she is 3 months old, but that didn’t stop them. Naturally, they hired me (for a cut of the trick or treating loot) as their chief party planner.

With less than a week’s planning and notice, we kept things simple.



I sent out a digital invite via text. I made the image using BubbleFrame and Rhonna Designs on my iPhone.

Quick and easy! Since we only invited family members, I just did a group text and was able to know within a few minutes who was planning on attending.


Fall Menu

I always like to feed my guests a meal when they come over. I threw turkey chili ingredients into two crock pots in the morning and was done with it. I wanted to spend my energy making pumpkin treats–we had way too many pumpkin chocochip cookies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin mini muffins and chocolate peanut butter cookies. (Thanks to my SILs for their help!)


To top it all off, I planned on having hot apple cider in our electric percolator and drinking them from my handled mason jars.

Funny story about that: My husband walks in the door from work to help with the last minute party prep. I charge him with the cider. He plugs in the percolator not knowing that there were plastic accessories inside as well as the paper instructions. We look over and it is smoking like a chimney. It’s ruined and the house now has that lovely burnt plastic aroma that every party planner loves so much. (Sarcasm font!)

He says he’ll take care of it and starts heating the cider on the stove in a large pot …until we notice smoke coming from the stove top as well. I look over to see him laughing hysterically and taking a smoldering oven mitt with 4 perfect coil circles glowing with flames. Two fires in 20 minutes. Winning!

Despite the smoke and mishaps before the guests arrived, the food was delicious and Jackson thoroughly enjoyed his first pumpkin chocochip cookie. Maybe a little too much!


Mummy Race Halloween Game

Mummy races are so fun! My kids are still talking about this game–which we adapted for the younger crowd since the guests of honor were all under 6 years old. Each team had a child they had to wrap as a mummy using toilet paper.

Mummy Relay Race

The goal is to cover as much of their wiggly bodies as possible with toilet paper.

Halloween Games for Kids

When your little mummies are looking fully wrapped, the person in charge calls time and sets them up for a race.

Halloween Relay Games for Kids

It’s hysterical to see them move like mummies (some unintentionally!) as they race across the finish line leaving a trail of tp behind them.

Mummy Halloween Games

My kids are still talking about this ridiculous game.

To make it work for older kids, you can have a set number of rolls of toilet paper that each team needs to use to wrap their mummy in. After the wrapping is complete, have them race or work through an obstacle course as part of the relay race. We have also done this in teams where couples stand back to back and are wrapped like a 2-sided mummy and then they have to work together to race across the finish line. (Make sure you get this on video. It is so funny to watch!)

Cottonelle Coupon from Target

Toilet Paper Coupon for Target: Buy Cottonelle Triple Roll 12 pack or larger and get a FREE box of Kleenex while supplies last.


To round out the Halloween fun, we carved and decorated pumpkins with the kids. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Love those slimy guts! Such a fun night with very little pre-planning and lots of memories!

The First Annual Cousin Halloween party is in the books! {Chili. Pumpkin treats. Cider. Costumes. Mummy racing. Pumpkin carving. Darlingness.} Happy First Halloween, RJ!
Thanks to all our family for coming and for coming in costume! (Aren’t they amazing?)