Bucket List

Since the beginning of the year, I have been asked by several different people what is on my bucket list. 

I didn’t have one.

When I think of Bucket Lists, I think of things like jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and wrestling alligators. I am not that kind of person.

On one of our date nights recently, I asked Mr. R to help me think of things I wanted to do. I learned something about myself–most of the things I want to “do” are actually things I want to learn. I guess I place more importance on “learning” things than “doing” things or visiting places …although there is some of that sprinkled in as well.


 Here is my on-going official Bucket List in no particular order:


  1. Visit Santorini Island, Greece.
  2. Hire a professional genealogist to trace the biological ancestry of my children. (Tyson, Summer 2013)
  3. Learn to surf in Hawaii. Summer 2006.
  4. Take the boys (when they are teenagers) to work in orphanages in Nigeria, Mexico and Colombia.
  5. See E.T. all the way through. (Not emotionally ready for that yet. Still scared of E.T.)
  6. Go on an architectural photo tour trip with Kim and Leisha. (DC? Europe?)
  7. Buy a house that I love.
  8. Tour the White House.Winter 1995
  9. Belly dance.December 2005
  10. Have a garden.
  11. Be a foster parent.
  12. Start a fire without matches and without flint/steel.
  13. Have an arcade style Mrs. PacMan game in my basement.
  14. Tour the Neuschwanstein Castle.
  15. Act in a play. The King and I 1997, Les Mis in Concert 1998
  16. Take the Disney cruise as a family before the boys leave on their missions.
  17. See O. January 14, 2012
  18. Go to BlogHer
  19. Write a book.
  20. Write a children’s book.
  21. Write a book with my mom.
  22. Have a craft room. January 2012
  23. Go on vacation with all my kids’ birth mothers at the same time.
  24. Be in the Hill Cumorah Pageant. Summer 1998
  25. Have my whole family participate in the Hill Cumorah Pageant.
  26. Learn how to play all the hymns and children’s hymns on the piano.
  27. Serve a mission. 2001-2002
  28. Serve some missions with Josh.
  29. Help with a Habitat for Humanity build. October 29, 2011
  30. Get a nice family photo taken for my parents where I don’t have to set the timer and run into the photo. December 2012
  31. Run a marathon.
  32. Take a helicopter ride. December 2005
  33. Go inside a real igloo.
  34. Fill up my National Parks Passport.
  35. Teach my kids to ski. (Tyson and Gavin, Winter 2012)
  36. Take photography lessons. 2007
  37. Get a beach cruiser bike. (Had one in college named Stella that I miss dearly.)
  38. Reupholster a wingback chair.
  39. Learn to fly fish. Summer 2004
  40. Learn to sew on my own sewing machine.
  41. Visit ancient Mayan ruins.Summer 2004, January 2010
  42. Learn to make bread …possibly with a bread maker.
  43. Fit into my “skinny jeans” again.
  44. Take my kids to Disneyland. Summer 2008, January 18, 2012
  45. Get up on one water ski.
  46. Take a sailboat ride on the Nantucket Sound. August 2006
  47. Catch fireflies with my kids.
  48. Take a sleeper train ride to a BYU @ Notre Dame football game.
  49. Take gun shooting classes.
  50. Make a book about my grandfather’s service in WWII including the photos he took. November 2011
  51. Be in the temple with all my brothers, their wives and my parents.
  52. Learn Illustrator.
  53. Win a medal or tiara in something/anything and then wear it around the house while doing housework.
  54. Read all the Harry Potter books.
  55. Read all the Harry Potter books aloud to my kids. (Started August 2013)
  56. Read Les Misérables. 1994
  57. See Les Misérables on Broadway.1997
  58. Take my mom to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.
  59. Learn to make my Grandma Dee Dee’s rolls.
  60. Learn to make my Grandma Dee Dee’s cinnamon rolls.
  61. Take a trip with my college roommates.
  62. Graduate from college. 2003
  63. Teach elementary school.2003-2007
  64. Become a mother.2007, 2008, 2012
  65. Run in a Ragnar Race.
  66. Take an educational trip to The Holy Land.
  67. Take singing lessons and perform in front of people. 1997-1998
  68. Interview my mom and write her life story.
  69. Interview my dad and write his life story.
  70. Go salmon fishing in Alaska.Summer 2000
  71. Learn the constellations.
  72. Learn calligraphy.
  73. Sleep in a grass hut on a remote island. May 2013, San Blas Islands





  1. says

    I have someone to help you with number 2. Happy to do number 6. I can assist you with 20, 30, 40, 42, 59, and 60. Let’s do this thang!

    • Sydney says

      Kim, I am curious as to who you would use for # 2. That’s something I would love to do also (I’m also an adoptive mom).

      Lindsey, great list!! I don’t have a bucket list either, making me think about one…

  2. Hila says

    So, I have been blog-stalking you (again) recently. And I just want to say your blog is inspiring. You are inspiring. So much of what I have read on your blog has uplifted and encouraged me in down-trodden times. Thank you for sharing your views and lessons and experiences and happiness with the world around you. (And in case you’re curious about the name… Mr. R’s grandmother is/was my great-aunt… I was named after her, and my own Aunt Hila). Again, thank you.

  3. says

    I have a few tiaras, and have been known to wear them on bad days or cleaning days. You can come steal one of mine.

  4. says

    I like your list. I might get some ideas from you. Also, where in Alaska did you go salmon fishing? I lived in Ketchikan and graduated from high school there. I worked at a fishing lodge too. I wonder if you were in the same town as me? Good luck with your list!

    • Lindsey says

      We were mostly in Talkeetna, but we rafted down the Chulita/Susitna River as well. Really cool experience, we didn’t see anyone outside of our family (and guides) for like 4 or 5 days!

  5. Marcey Moreno says

    I’m 100% not kidding when I say you all can come to London and stay with me for free. It’s crazy cheap to get around the UK and Europe. I’m sure that you and the ladies would have a ton of fun. I’m not talking about sleeping on the floor either, each a proper room. It’s the perks of being an RA.

      • Marcey Moreno says

        I hope so, but for sure at least another year. I’ve just been accepted into an MBA program with an emphasis on Marketing and PR. We’ll see after that.

  6. Katie says

    Love this! I have run a few marathons and I totally wear the medals around my house during the week after. It cracks my husband up.

  7. says

    You have done more than I have and I’m nearly 10 years older than you! I bet you will do them all, if not most and the most important ones.

    Katie- so cute that you wear the metals. Love that your husband laughs.

    • Lindsey says

      Well, I thought about it for a month and then once I started actually writing them down, they just flowed pretty quickly. :) YOU CAN DO IT, Vanessa!

  8. says

    I think you left a very important one off your list as accomplished- have my family sealed in the Temple!

    Looks like a fun list!

  9. Kristy says

    This is just what I needed to read. I’ve been thinking about what I’d put on my Bucket List and have put it off because it really forces you to focus on what you want out of life, where your passions are, and what truly matters. I’m ready to take the plunge and accept the challenge. It’s comforting to know you took a month to think about it. The ideas are coming. Thanks for being brave and sharing this!
    p.s. I have to say that I stood in line by you at the Arizona FSA Conference this past Fall. I was a bit awestruck with you and didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything. I find your writing to be very uplifting, honest, and insightful. I regret allowing my shyness to take over and missing out on an opportunity to chat with you. Perhaps we’ll meet up again someday. Something tells me you’ll be coming back to Arizona FSA sometime!

  10. Whitney says

    1st. I have a beach cruiser at home in Cali that I adore and need to get it sent to me. Those things are the best.
    2nd. I’ve already read hp but I too plan on reading them to my kids someday. Love those books.
    3rd. If we lived closer I’d teach you how to made bread (if you wanted). Making bread rocks and it tastes soo good.
    4. Les Miserable. Seen the play 3 times. Obsessed. Need to read the book.

    Great list!

  11. says

    I love that you included big accomplishments from your past – those are important too! I agree – bucket lists shouldn’t be about “seeing” things/places.

  12. says

    Ha Ha, when I read number two I read it “Hire a professional Gynecologist” I’d say that should be more urgent than a bucket list, you should ALWAYS see a PROFESSIONAL when it comes to that.:) Anyway, I loved your list. Good luck achieving your dreams.

  13. says

    I LOVE your list. Glad you made one. ET I used to like now it’s kinda creepy. My mother-in-law gave me a VERy large Et that now lives under the stairs with a photo of brian as a child around its neck. (there’s a story there :) maybe for a date night) Do you want me to give you the Et? I’m dying to get rid of it for now he lives under the stairs.

    • Lindsey says

      CHRISTINE! A giant ET in.your.house? OVER MY DEAD body! The photo of Brian around his neck??? LOL! I am dying of laughter! I must hear the story! Double date it is!