blog stalking is okay


Attention all you readers out there that email me and comment and apologize for not knowing me and “stalking” my blog…

guess what? IT. IS. OKAY.

You are welcome here. In case you are embarrassed to comment or feel like you are lurking, allow me to share with you some information that will help us get to know each other better.

  • My name is Mrs. R.
  • I turn 30 this spring.
  • I have two beautiful babies, 16 months apart.
  • We are sterile at The R House …and we like it that way.
  • I have really buttery, soft teeth.
  • I don’t like chocolate.
  • I sing in the shower every single day.
  • I slipped and fell on the ice so hard on Sunday that millions of blood vessels popped in my knees.
  • I sometimes feel like my life is falling apart at the seams and have to force myself to get dressed and leave the house. Then I go to my happy place: Target.
  • I once had a pixie hair cut that was shorter than my dad’s hair (photos to come).
  • I have plans to go to law school when my babies are grown.
  • I only kissed two boys in college–one guy from the UK and Mr. R.
  • I am in love with a freckle on Mr. R’s face.
  • I am in a custody/adoption battle for my baby.
  • I am opening an adoption jewelry store in the next month or so with two of my best friends (details to come.)
  • I hate to do dishes.
  • I eat a lot of oranges.
  • Chips and salsa are a meal.
  • If I could live with my parents’ for the rest of my life, I totally would. They are the funniest people ever.
  • I was terrified of Santa until I was in like 6th grade. I would pray every Christmas Eve that I wouldn’t see or hear him at my house.
  • I peed my pants (except I was wearing a pink dress) when I was in third grade.
  • I have had many near death experiences–some too sacred to share.
  • Sugar makes me itchy.
  • I love to sing opera. I prefer Italiano.
  • I was a total tomboy when I was in elementary school.
  • Mr. R and I have 100s of love letters that we wrote to each other while on missions for our church.
  • Mr. R and my first kiss was after we knew each other for 5 years. It was among the monuments in downtown DC …and it was perfect.
  • I need to clean the toilet in my bathroom.
  • I love dark movies and TV.
  • ET terrifies me. Still.


Now we are friends.
 Only friends know that I peed my pants in THE THIRD GRADE.
 Only friends know about the guy I kissed from the UK (we called it “The British Invasion.” I found out later that he was engaged. Opps. Does that make me a home-wrecker?)


I have introduced myself. 
Now you introduce yourself.

 Go ahead, un-stalk yourself.
We are friends now …and please, don’t ever apologize to me for reading my blog. I am glad to have you as a blogging friend.


Much love,
Mrs. R


P.S. If you ever tell one of my former third grade students that I peed my pants in third grade, we will no longer be friends.


  1. Andee says

    I’m a stalker of your blog.
    I wait daily for new posts from you. It’s almost pathetic.

    I placed a little girl for adoption back in October. I found your blog off her parents blog. Thanks for being so involved with adoption. I love the stories you share constantly, and pray that your current custody problem will work out.

  2. Heidi says

    Thank you for allowing me to share your good days and the bad with you. I can say I had the toughest day of my life and I logged on to my blogger account and saw you had posted again. It was nice to have something to make me smile.(even laugh a little) I wish nothing but the best for you and everyone at the R house.

  3. Jessica K. says

    i am another stalker of your blog! i just love the way you write about the adoption, your kids and mr. r.
    i live in germany and am going to college. and whenever i am home i wait for many strangers to post, so i have something fun and interesting to read.
    i also am thinking of converting, but there are some problems with that at the moment.
    i didnt pee my pants in third grade, but i did once a couple years ago when i dreamed about it. i woke up in a puddle. i felt pretty dumb that day!

    i have been praying for you that everything turns out just fine with the birthfather.
    gavin and tyson sure have awesome parents!!

  4. Ashley says

    I've chatted with you before, but here are the basics:

    I'm 25 years old.

    I met my husband while he was on his last transfer cycle on his mission.

    His mission president told him I was "the one." I have never actually spoken to the guy.

    We got engaged after he'd been off his mission 3 days.

    We got engaged before we held hands, hugged, kissed or even said "I Love You."

    30 seconds before said engagement, I didn't know if he even liked me.

    I have a daughter, Julia, who will be a year old tomorrow. I love her with my entire existence. I can't believe how lucky I am to get to be a mom.

    I was there for the birth and didn't pass out.

    She was placed on February 4th last year.

    We're trying to get pregnant. I'm hopped up on all sorts of nasty meds right now. PCOS sucks.

    I consider myself "broken" and "quirky" because it's like the Juke Box in Happy Days. Ya have to know how to make it work to get it to preform its basic function.

    Because I feel like we did it all backwards (infertility diagnosis, straight to adoption because our answer was so strong, now we're trying the treatments), I feel guilty that we got the answer that TTC will work for me and not for so many others who, I feel, deserve it more than I do.

    I hate peanutbutter. It's the bane of my existence.

    I love to knit.

    I thoroughly dislike my cat. I'm a dog person.

    I think my husband is a hottie.

    I wet my pants in the sixth grade on my way home from school.

    I had to have my husband bring me a change of pants when I was 21 because I had a bad reaction to a medication while I was at work.

    My favorite color is green. It reminds me of Oregon.

    That's about it.

    Oh yeah, I <3 Mrs. R's photography, Kim's photography and am jealous because I wish I could capture my daughter's beauty and joy they way they get their children's spirits to radiate through the photos. Y'all's kids are so adorable it almost makes my teeth hurt.

  5. Jessica says

    I have been a stalker for a while now. It’s weird to think you don’t know me, because I do know so much about you. Your stories are always funny, insightful, and moving. I used to stalk a bunch of blogs, but deleted them all from my reader except for yours. I am so happy that you have been able to build a family through adoption. Now some stuff about me:

    I grew up in the Netherlands

    We have 3 bio kids, but still feel a strong urge to adopt.

    Cats are recycled at our house like a bottle of air freshener (the coyotes get them)

    I love living in the country, but really miss the city too

    My husband and I met in a bike shop, and it was love at first site. However, our first date wasn’t until 2 months later, because we were both dating other people. He had stolen my phone number from the work order. I broke up with my boyfriend to be with him

    I don’t know how many boys I have kissed. Maybe 75?? Oh, and I was 13 the first time I got kissed.

    I spent way too much time on the computer

    I miss the mountains

    So I will keep reading your blog, and following your advice. I will laugh and cry with you. Thanks for being my blog friend

  6. jlk says

    British Invasion — LOL!! And, I agree that your parents are hilarious.

    I’m Jana and I’m 31 and we’ve known each other for a long time — since girls camp. I am a step-mom and have been through 2 custody battles in 7 years, the last one ending about 3 years ago. I pee my pants a lot, but that’s thanks to my kids. Better to pee your pants when you’re a kid than when you’re an adult.

  7. Mrs. Dub says

    remember how you bought us all Union Jack socks after the BI? that was awesome. and as a fellow chocolate-loather, i just want to send my support.

    love you.

  8. ~Jordan and Samantha says

    I think you are hilarious! I too, love you blog, I know we’ve “talked” before, but I am Samantha, adoptive mom to one two year old, hopeful adoptive mom to at least four more unknowns! I love lots of things, loathe others, but Target is also my happy place. Our house is also sterile. Anyway, just wanted to say hey again:)

  9. Christy says

    hello! i blog stalk you. i have quite a few friends who have struggled with infertility and came across your blog a few months back, and since have referred them to you. also, when i first saw your blog, you looked familiar, and then i realized that you were in one of my spanish classes at byu. i don’t know if you’ll remember, but we sat in the back and mutually hated it. oh, and you cut off your finger somewhere along there.

    pretty random connection, but there you are. thanks for creating such a sweet blog that so many love!

  10. Mandy says

    The moment you said you were still afriad of ET, I knew we were soul mates!!! hahaah I thought I was the only one who still thinks he is the most horrifying creature EVER!!!

    I am not married. I have no children. But I do love my Lord and for some reason randomly showed up on your blog, fell in love with the beautiful kids and have been blessed to pray for your family. And I will keep doing so. :)

  11. Jessica K. says

    Ashley I grew up near Frankfurt. Well it’s actually near Bad Homburg as well. Maybe you have heard of Idstein!? Or maybe Oberursel or Kelkheim? Well it’s near that. Now I live in the eastern part in Weimar which is really nice!! Why did you live in Germany and when??

  12. Mommy dearest says

    Hi there… you totally made me comfortable to comment! You are awesome. I love your blog, and am totally praying for your family during this adoption process.

  13. Katie says

    I have stalked your blog for quite some time now. About a year ago, my sisters were talking about your blog, so I wanted to see what they were talking about. It wasn’t until about a month ago that I went through and read almost every single post. I’m always so excited to see when you’ve posted a new post. I’m amazed by your strength and you have the most beautiful family.

    By the way, my names Katie. I’m from Colorado, currently residing in Provo, UT. I’m 19 years old and attend BYU. :)

  14. anoyce says

    Hi! I’m a blog stalker – let me introduce myself! My name is Amy and I grew up in CA and now live in SLC with my husband. I am currently pregnant, but always feared I would never be so. I think I would love to adopt or do foster care in the future. I love the outdoors, and can’t wait to be a mom. I love your blog with a passion and always feel uplifted by your outlook on life (even during the days you want to pull out your hair!). That’s about it! Yay! Now I have a new friend!

  15. Janae says

    Hi, I am Janae, and I love your blog. I have 2 girls and 1 boy on the way. We are not sterile, but my parents were. They adopted 4 children. I am 28 and the youngest of the bunch. Adoption was very different back then. I have heard my Mom share her struggles to bear children with many people over the years. It was hard, but she emphasis the joy of adoption. It gave her 4 babies. Our family is not perfect, but I am pretty sure my Mom is Ü

    I blogged about it awhile ago when I found your blog. You can read my story here.

    BTW I love Target too! Is there anything NOT to love in that store? I dare say no.

    And I live in West Valley, and its not that bad, really. Maybe you should move into our neighborhood.

  16. JCzaplewski says

    Hello Mrs. R!

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a month now. My name is Jenna and I work for Adoption Resources of Wisconsin ( I’m working hard to get ARW set up on blogs and with social media and I follow a few adoption and foster care related bloggers – including you! Oh and I’m at Target about 3-4 times per week. :)

  17. Small-Adventures says

    I can totally see you as a lawyer….PLEASE tell me you are going into adoption law???

    I really enjoyed this post!
    And I think if your third grade students knew you peed your pants way back when….they may realize their “accidents” are ok and they are still cool. ;)
    (speaking from a MOm with a 3rd grader who has encopresis and a kindergartener with accidents every single day *sigh*)

    Your Rock mrs. r

  18. Jeff and Kim says

    I am a stalker! You are one of my hero’s. We are in the adoption process – waiting for a birthmother.

    Here are a few facts about me

    We just found out our origianl agency was a scam that lost it’s license.

    We just got approved TODAY by a wonderful new faith based agency in Florida.

    We are also sterile.

    I write a blog and hope to have the following the r house has someday.

    My blog is

    I check you blog several times a day everyday to se if there is an update.

    I use your blog and my blog as theraphy!

    I could go on and on but I wont.

  19. Renee' P says

    I am a blog stalker too, but do leave comments once in a while. I was so exicted to finally have you comment on my blog once!
    You inspire me to keep going in this foster-adopt mess we’re in. Now things are looking up, I hope!

    I told this previously, but don’t know if you read it.
    Wendy Pendergrass,whom you visit taught in Utah, is my sis-in-law. We married brothers. She gave me your blog!

    Sometimes I’m not sure you even get time to read all your posts, or do you?

    I ck your blog daily as well!


  20. Syd says

    I emailed you once, but I’m basically a stalker too! :) I just love you. You are so real. Your family is in our prayers.

    My name is Syd. I’m almost 37. I have 3 adopted children. We are still waiting to finalize the baby’s.

    Who thinks Chips and Salsa is NOT a meal?


    I love the word clearance…

    I watch way too much TV (thank heavens for TIVO) – my current fav show is Battlestar Galactica, and I have talked my best friend into watching it b/c I have to have someone to talk to about it! (She is the best!!)

    I struggle with depression, but am currently on a fabulous cocktail of meds.

    My son is in love with a mole on my neck

    I love to sleep. LOVE IT.

    I love the beach.

    We are moving to Utah in June and I am starting to freak out about it.

    I love reading your blog.

    You are awesome. Nice to be ‘friends’! Keep up the good work and we’ll keep praying for you!! (We had our middle son for 5 months before the parental rights were terminated – it’s such a crazy rollercoaster!!)

  21. Katie says

    I don’t even remember how I found your blog, but I did and I’m so glad. Reading your blog has opened my mind toward adoption and for that I’ll always be grateful.

    I’m 27, live in Colorado and was good friends with your man back at BYU.

    Oh, I was also at your wedding reception. You were a stunning bride and you both had the BEST food of any wedding I’ve ever been to.

  22. Shelley says

    I have blog stalked you for quite a while. Every once in a while I get up the courage to leave a little comment on a post I feel passionate about. I think you are amazing! I wish I had the talent to express myself like you do.

    I am 25, living in Boise ID. I struggled with infertility for quite a while(2 years). We were finally blessed with a pregnancy and now our sweet boy is 18 months old. I am now expecting twins! I am beyond thrilled!

    My bestfriend has an adopted little girl. I am passionate about adoption and fertily because they are very VERY dear to my heart.

    I am also LDS and your testimony strengthens mine often.

    Feel free to peak in on my blog (although not NEAR as interesting as yours) to get to know my family.

    Thanks for sharing so much of your life with me. Your little family melts my heart! :)

  23. Greg and Kristen says

    I also enjoy reading your blog. Our adoption caseworker at LDS Family Services shared the link with me, and I am so glad she did. I love how involved with adoption you are. I have learned so much about adoption just by reading the posts on your blog. Thank you!

    Our adoption application was approved in October of 2008 and we look foward so much to the day that we will be blessed with a beautiful baby. We live in Boise, Idaho.

    Thanks again!


  24. Becca says

    Hi. My name is Becca. :) I didn’t know very much at all about adoption until I found your blog. And now I want to be its biggest advocate, thanks to your passion for it.

    I’ve been married for one year. I grew up in Las Vegas and went to BYU and got a degree in vocal performance – then I got married and wound up in Philadelphia and am now getting another degree in nursing. I love babies. But I also love old people.

    I think you and your message are beautiful. Thanks for risking yourself to spread such a wonderful message.

    Thanks for who you are :)

  25. Joe and Brittany says

    my name is Brittany, and I totally have a confession…I LOVE THE r HOUSE!!

    I am Sean and Jen’s sister, and I stumbled across your blog, by reading a comment you had left them. Little did I know, an addiction was about to start…the r addiction! Your blog has made me laugh, cry, ponder, and has also helped to strengthen my testimony. You have even helped inspire me to start a blog of my own just recently!

    Thank you for your blog, and thanks for allowing me to enjoy it!


  26. Melanie says

    Hello Hello!

    I love finding great blogs and reading them frequently. I don’t believe in blog stalking either; I would love if I had any blog stalkers. My sister is Jenn (fager) Oldham. We were family friends with the Redferns in Vancouver. Infact, you have stayed at my house in Boise, ID. You and Josh stopped by on your way somewhere. You got in late and left early so I didn’t get to see you much, but I thought you were great. Here is a fun fact. I saw you in the temple the day you were sealed to sweet Tyson. If I remember correctly, it was December 22. I said hello, and I know Josh recognized me, and even though you didn’t, you were very gracious. I remember this because I was 8 months pregnant and went into labor the next day. I had my first sweet baby Christmas Eve 2007. I read your blog almost daily, and I reference it often. It seems that more people than we ever know struggle with infertility or being totally sterile; I feel like I am able to help and encourage others through you. I love the R’s.
    p.s. to REALLY learn about us, you can check out our blog.

  27. Sam and Lacey says

    Hi my name is Lacey. I have met you before and you do know I blog stalk you. Here are some things about me. I blog stalked you to your yard sale. I adopted a little boy who is now 3 months old. Your blog inspired me after we lost our twins. It gave me hope that I could someday adopt my future children.

  28. Lucy says

    Hello Mrs. R.
    I love reading your blog- thanks for letting me stalk. My sister-in-law introduced it to me a few months ago, and I’ve been reading it ever since.

    My name is Lucy.

    I placed my little guy for adoption 25 days ago. I miss him more than anything. I love him so deeply.

    I’m 27.

    I got married almost a year ago to a man that didn’t end up being very nice. Dang it. I left in June.

    I was pregnant.

    I knew I needed to place the baby for adoption…he eventually knew that too.

    I love the family I chose. They are both wonderful and I love her so much I wish we were best friends.

    I served a mission and loved it!

    I went to BYU…and loved it less.

    I taught at the MTC for 2 years. It was the best job I have ever had. I miss it all of the time.

    I left that job to be a flight attendant. I still am.

    I sky dived (or is it dove?) in New Zealand. Scary.

    I wrote a research paper in high school on why adoption is the best option…but never thought I would have to eat my words.

    I also love love love to eat oranges- I eat them lots.

    I have never had a cavity.

    I have never gotten a ticket.

    I have never wrecked my car.

    I love to quilt.

    I am a wannabe vegan.

    I love yoga.

    My mom is my favorite woman on earth.

    I was so sad to learn I was pregnant, but now am so grateful that I was…even though it has been such a crazy experience. It has brought such blessings- a beautiful baby (even if he’s not mine to keep) and the opportunity to love him and hold him for 2 full days. He’s perfect!

    Thanks for supporting adoption!

  29. Anonymous says

    I consider myself a welcome stalker because I always try and say nice comments and lift people up. I met you once, in “real” life and quite frankly you are even more beautiful in person. Your husband has a friendly personality and is fun to be around. I hope you keep on posting adoption info. I learn a lot from this little site of yours. Another thing, Gavin is yours and No one can change that. God placed him there, and he doesn’t make mistakes.

  30. Mrs. Egg says

    I am a blog stalker. I love your blog and hearing about adoption.
    We have been married for 5 years.
    No children yet. Hopefully one day no matter how we have to do it.
    Thank you for your blog!!

  31. Jeremy and Becky says

    I love to make smoothies and figuring out different combos.

    I LOVE traveling

    I exercise regularly

    I cut my family’s hair to save $$$ for adoption

    My favorite show is CSI

    I love to serve others

    I’m very outgoing

    I’m a cookie person

    I love meeting new people

    I love road trips

    I love my family

    I love to read

    I love teaching my kids at church

    Sleeping in is wonderful

    I feel very blessed

    I love LOVE Chinese food.

    I eventually hope to become a pharmacist.

    I believe in learning from your past.

    I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.

    I still hold “B Movie Saturday” at my house!

    I have had 13 years of formal piano training.

    I like to cook, from scratch, if I had the time.

    I enjoy sitting and zoning out in front of the TV after a long hard day.

    Total Green Bay PACKERS fan!

    I am a morning person if I’m left alone to get started for the day! Don’t be cheerier than me at 5 am!

    I love trying new things!

    Awesome – now you know me too!

  32. bridgerita says

    I too am a “stalker.” In fact, I confessed in an email about a year ago. I knew Mr. R and the fam back in WA state. I have had a very rough six months or so. Entirely different than your family’s trials, but difficult still the same. It has helped me to read how other people cope with lifes craziness. Oh, and one funny memory I have of Mr. R in high school is the SNL cheerleader skit. I hope someone in the family captured that on video at some point! :)

  33. Ashley says

    Lucy, I tried to read your comment to my husband and broke down crying.

    You are a darling. Your spirit shines in your words. How blessed that little guy is to have such an amazing example of courage, strength and faith. He is going to be so proud of you.

    Two years ago, a birth mother at our FSA meeting shared a similar story. It was the most emotional story I’d ever heard. I sobbed my heart out for her. She told us that right before her little girl was born, she was on her knees praying, asking why it was so hard. The answer she got was, “K*, if you had any idea what was coming, you wouldn’t be so sad. You would know how happy you will be, and how soon.” A year after placement, she met the most amazing, righteous and loving man. They were sealed in the temple and the way he looked at her when she told her story was something that made my heart swell with joy.

    I have nothing but total love and admiration for anyone who makes the decision you did but your story makes me want to stand up and be a better person. What an inspiration you are. I hope that some day, you will share your story.

  34. 'T' says

    stumbled across your blog today by chance… by chance? probably not. we adopted a little boy a year ago and i really appreciate the time you’ve taken to research and write posts on how amazing adoption is. best of luck to you and kiss those little boys :O) isn’t it amazing how they are just ‘yours’, they just have to come another ‘route’?

  35. Mrs B says

    I have no idea how I found you, but I love you…(is that stalkerish enough for you?)

    I had three kids in 2.5 years.

    My husband cheated.

    I turned to God for strength.

    He is sustaining me.

    We are working on it…

    I still cry and its ok…

  36. Katie says

    I have been a proud stalker of the r house for a few months now. We belong to the same adoption Yahoo group, so that is how I found you. I love reading about your life. I think you are amazing, and I am praying that things go well with your little family. I know all about adoption heartache, but I also know that Heavenly Father works miracles every single day, so hold to hope. I have an amazing adoption story, you should check us out sometime! Thanks for all that you do.

  37. Lindsay says

    Hello Mrs. R This is Lindsay, friend of Myra and Britta’s and now yours too! Now when my husband calls me your blog stalker, I can tell him we are friends! Thanks for that! A few things to help you get to know me better: met my husband in high school, but didn’t date until he go back from his mission; tried to get pregnant for four years, then decided adoption was the way to go; took us two years to find our adorable son; we are hoping to adopt our second child soon; I too enjoy frequenting the Target; I am a chocoholic, I hope that doesn’t put a damper on our friendship; I turned 30 in 2006 and had no clue when/if I would ever be a mom, it was a really rough time in my life; I miss having a best girly friend nearby (my husband is my best friend, but you need girl friends too, you know?) some things that I hate: cleaning, strawberries, bananas, not being in control; things that I LOVE LOVE LOVE: my sweet sexy hubby, my funny and adorable two year old, scrapbooking, shopping, diet coke with lime, did I mention chocolate? my wonderful and supportive family, making new friends. Thanks for all you do! And thanks for making us feel less like stalkers and more like friends! Feel free to check out our blog: We don’t live far from West Valley. I think we should get our boys together for a play date! Your family is in our thoughts and prayers! Love ya!

  38. Lindsay says

    Ok, so I remembered something else I was going to say. I was in the audience the day that you and Myra were on Good Things Utah. That is the day the stalking began! Now I really do sound stalkerish! I’m going to leave you alone now! :)

  39. LaNelle Simons says

    I just love how open and honest you are. It give me strength! I emailed you once before and felt like a total dumby because you didn’t even know me and I felt like I so knew you haha! I love your blog…as in obsessed, tell everyone about it, it pops up on my mac as one of my “most visited sites”, and often get my weekly or daily cry as I read your inspiring, honest, and sometimes hilarious posts! I have been fighting infertility since I started reading your blog almost a year ago and you have continually reminded me that there is hope…there is always hope. So thank you! I feel like my infertility isn’t something that makes me a freak anymore, because you blog about so many incredible women who can’t have children like yourself! It makes me feel better. So thank you! If I ever saw you in person I do believe I would experience shock as if I had seen a celebrity! :)

  40. Kim says

    I am glad blog stalking is okay. Been stalking yours for over a year now. Remember the day we met? How awesome was that?!

  41. Michelle says

    Yes, i am a blog stalker also. Thank you for saying it’s okay because I’m addicted to your blog. I love reading about your babies and your life. I have four young children of my own and I can relate to your kid stories. And your dedication to adoption tugs at my heart strings. I’ve been praying for your current battle…so now can we be friends?

  42. Brenley says

    I remember finding your blog when you hadnt even brought Mr. T home to Utah yet. That was a long time ago! I remember not feeling so alone going through the infertility and adoption process. You gave me hope! Thanks for that! You also were kind enough to email me and give some awesome and so very helpful advice when we were meeting our son’s birthmother for the first time. I so appreciated the time you gave me. I have really enjoy over the last almost two years watching your blog morph into a beautiful way to help all of us. You are definitly one special person. Thanks for everything!

  43. Ktbug says

    Yep I’m another blog stalker. I found your blog through many other adoption blogs. My husband and I were going through the adoption process when we found out we are expecting. We are due 2 years after our 9 year anniversary. We will both be 29 when our baby is born. I have PCOS and endometriosis. We were (are still possibly) interested in biracial adoptions. I think your kids are adorable. I wish you the best of luck with the custody battle.

  44. Amy says

    I’m a stalker too, friend of Kim’s. I’ve met you twice (garage sale) but you were too cool to talk to. LOL

    I also peed my pants in third grade, but on purpose. I did it in front of my friend on the way home from school to make me more popular. It worked. I don’t know why. haha.

    I’m very interested in adoption, partially because I’ve been watching Kim’s journey, and also because it takes some effort for us to get pregnant, and its a very real possibility at some point.

    My son is 15 months old, and I love every little bit of him. His kisses, his laughter, his button nose… his little cheeks are so yummy.

    Hope you don’t mind the stalking. :)

  45. Cory and Becca says

    Hello Mrs. R,
    I found your blog a couple of months before our birth mother found us and gave birth to our little man in October 2008. We’ve emailed a couple of times but here is a little about me:

    -Before I was married my husband and I had 2 distinct conversations. First, we felt adoption was going to be apart of our lives (before we came to know of our infertility struggles). Second, we both felt that there was something for us in VA and we needed to move there sometime in our marriage (we did and our BM found us here last summer!)

    – I love being a mom and have been for 3 months to my perfect baby boy.

    -I am adjusting to being a SAHM…yes, I am going through culture shock! (despite my years of preparation!)

    -I am 31 years old…I turn 32 this summer.

    -I’ve been married for 7-1/2 years.

    -I recently went back to school to get my masters in professional counseling.

    -I love running. It is a great stress reliever. I finally ran my first marathon the year I turned 30! I am crazy addicted enough to run another this year.

    -I hate peas…I would eat my own vomit before I had to eat peas (that is so gross!–don’t make me eat peas!)

    – I wish sugar made me itch, maybe I wouldn’t eat it so much.

    -I wish I liked doing crafty stuff, but I don’t. I get bored of crafts easily and although I like the end results I hate scrapbooking, it really drives me crazy.

    -I find my creative release through gardening.

    -I went on my mission to CA and recently reconnected with some converts via Facebook!-who would’ve known that Facebook would become so mainstream!

    I really appreciate your blog you have shared many inspriational thoughts and topics. Please don’t ever pull a ‘Mrs. Dub’! (will she ever come back??)

  46. Alice says

    Hi Mrs. R, I too follow/stalk your blog. I may have left a comment once or twice, but today lets be friends.

    I will be 27 this summer.

    I am not married yet.

    I am Social Worker.

    I sometimes eat popcorn for breakfast.

    I sing out loud in the car.

    Laundry is my least favorite chore.

    I heart target.

    I talk in my sleep.

    I once peed my pants in 5th grade and then sat in the snow in an attempt to cover it up.

    I think Vince Vaughn is hot.

    I listened to your mommy casts of Gavin’s adoption while I was on-call in the middle of the night. I was touched, and may have cried.

    Last week I sat in the booth across from you and your cute boys at Red Robin. I felt to silly to say hi.

    Maybe next time I will dare :)

  47. mistyb says

    Hi! I’m a blog stalker and a fellow adoptive-mom. We hope to adopt many more in the years to come. I always come here for some words of wisdom. You are great!

  48. Amanda C says

    My name is Amanda Crookston. My MIL e-mailed me a link to your blog when you had guest bloggers named Lindsay and Corey post on your blog back in Oct. 08. We were going thru a similar situation at the time and she thought we could relate with their story. We have two adopted children. Kai and Calvin are three years old (three months appart). I had to laugh when I was reading your blog today and scrolled down to this post and Calvin said “Is that Kai?” about the photo of T. My little Kai is from the Marshall Islands and has black curly hair much like your little T. It is funny how kids notice the little things. Anyway… I love reading your daily thoughs. We are almost up with our profile with LDSFS and are ready and excited for #3. Good luck with everything, I hope it all works out for your cute little family. I love adoption.

  49. Pieces of Us says

    I too am a blogstalker. Thank you for this post! I look forward to your posts on a daily basis. It reminds me that there are good people in the world doing good things for others and not just worrying about themselves. It is so empowering to me all that you do for adoption, couples hoping to adopt, and birth mothers. You truly are amazing Mrs. R. I hope to be like you someday. And you are funny. I like that. Thanks for letting me blog-stalk you. =)

  50. Sherydon says

    Delurking seems so theraputic….I absolutly love your blog!! You are so clever and witty, but so full of the spirit and love. I love adoption with all my heart. I started reading this blog while dealing with infertility. I loved coming to your “house” to find strength and peace. My husband and I were flirting with Invitro and adoption and i loved reading every bit of info i could. Thank you for sharing your prized possesions with us, you really are an insiration to all of us.

  51. Tarr, Ty and Mac says

    Love your blog Mrs. R. Found you through Paradise Found, friends with the fabulous Emrie. We adopted our beautiful daughter 13 months ago and can’t believe how fast time flies…now we’re hoping to adopt again! I am grateful for all your humor, wit and wisdom and of course our mutual love of open adoption. You help me keep my sanity and hope!

  52. Elise says

    Your site is inspiring. One of my dreams is to be a social worker, working with pregnant teenagers and encouraging them to adopt. I have been “lurking” here for a while. I am actually in the ward your father was the Bishop of (the Franklin ward), and I was excited when your Tyson joined our Nursery class one Sunday. He is even cuter and sweeter in real life!

  53. Kendall and Katy says

    Hi mrs. r,
    Yes I am a stalker and I stalk everyday when I can. Your blog gives inspiration and hope! Thank you for what you do!

    I am Katy, I married Kendall and we have a wonderful daughter named Madeline.

    We live in Idaho.

    We were one of those lucky couples that just “got pregnant”.
    We are now one of those couples that gets to add infertility to their word list. But that also means that we get to discover the wonderful world of adoption.

    I hate waiting.

    I hate sugar, makes me sick.

    I have only kissed one man and that man is my husband. We were each other’s first kiss.

    I love my family and have a blast with them!

    I cannot skip a meal, it makes me incredibly grouchy.

    I like to bake.

    I love reading strangers blogs. I don’t know why.

    Now you know me and I am glad we can be friends. I was really getting tired of “stalking”.

  54. Lauren says

    I felt like I knew you before – but you’re even more wonderful than I thought. For you stalkers, I’m lindsey’s sister-in-law’s twin, and yes, linds is as fabulous and brave as she seems (if not more)

  55. William and Alicia says

    Mrs. R – thanks for letting people lurk on your site. I just found you recently through LDS Couples Hoping To Adopt. My husband and I adopted a special needs baby in July 2008 and we are actually starting to work on being ready to do it all again (probably July 2009)and I am finding your site to be a comfort and an inspiration as we work towards our forever family. If you don’t mind, I would love to be added to your site (even though we won’t be available until at least July). And, feel free to lurk around my blogs too!

  56. Leisha says

    I guess this is a good time to tell you that I adore you, I love your kids and could eat them up. I can’t get enough of you and we should definitely be life long friends.

  57. ~Our Family~ says

    Mrs. R… Hey there. This is Cindy Hull Sorry I read this post the day you posted it but didn’t have time to reply… So I’m replying now a little late.. I have dealt with inferility all my married life except for the two years that I was on birth control… Little did I know I didn’t need it anyway… It took us a long 7 years to get our first child here and it still wasn’t that easy. We did IVF for the first time and I got pregnant with him.. About 10 weeks I started to bleed and bled up into my 5th month so I could never feel real comfortable that everything was okay… But it was.. We were blessed on March 3 2004 with Colton.. I wanted to have my kids closer together than I was with my siblings so when he turned 9 months old I wanted to use the frozen embyros that I had and I got pregnant again… I was pregnant for 13 weeks and lost it… So I waited about 6 months and did another fresh cycle of ivf and I got pregnant again but this time I knew from the start it wasn’t going to last and it didn’t 2 weeks after I found out it was over… So 3 years later after colton was born we decide we better get our adoption papers in with LDSFS and thats what we did… We used the LDSFS homestudy and did a private adoption and thats how we came to have two kiddos now.. Adoption is so near and dear to my heart to.. I love my birthmom even though she has made some mistakes in her life and not taking care of the baby inside her by using drugs I still love her… Our son doesn’t show any affects to the drugs she used thank goodness.. Someone definelty has their hand in it thats for sure.. I just love you blog and I do come here everyday and read your posts.. Thanks your blogs lifts me up… You can add my blog to your page if you want too…

  58. Rebecca says

    Mrs. R….
    Coming out of hiding:)
    My name is Rebecca. I found you from here: on a blog I and some friends contribute to.
    Thanks you so much for your insight and letting me check in on you from time to time.
    Here is a link to my personal blog:
    Please feel free to stop by! Would love to get to know ya!
    God bless adoption. Don’t know where I would be with out my boys and their amazing birth families.

  59. mandamike says

    Hi! I just came across your blog and it is so great, WOW you do such a good job at informing and pulling on my heart strings.
    I am an adoptive mommy and we are currently looking for our next baby. Feel free to stop by my blog and I would love it if you would add me to your list.

  60. Addie says

    Hey Mrs.R-
    I love reading your blog! I check it every time I get on the computer. You are still the coolest teacher I have ever had even though you did pee you pants in third grade
    Addie Rutter
    (a former third grade student)

  61. Crystal Mason says

    WOW! Well, I guess you can consider me a “stalker” too. I found your blog through the Lowe Family’s blog, I stalk hers too. I love your stories. They are motivation for young single pregnant women. I think adoption is great. I am definitely a “Pro Life” and I love your blogs. Your kids are adorable.

    I am 25, will be 26 in July.

    I have a 7 yr old daughter that will be 8 in May that I almost put up for adoption, I gave birth to her at 17. I debated it for so long, but then decided that it was God’s choice to give her to me and I have loved every minute of it. Met my husband when I was 19, got married and tried for another one. We were blessed with twins. They are 4, fraternal, and the LIGHTS of my life. I have always felt the need and want to adopt. I cry about all the kids that have no family or home. I think what you put is fabulous on your blog, so informative.

    Keep it up!


  62. Ashley says

    I peed my pants a couple of years ago at school… as a fourth grade teacher. Thank you UTI for that.

  63. says

    Mrs R,

    I too am now joining the throng to stalk your blog. I’ve read one posting and yes, am adding it to my follow feed which I check several times a day.
    Thank you for sharing your perspective! I placed my baby girl for adoption about 2 months ago and am ecstatic to get involved in the adoption community!